Halloween Plugin Challenge

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Will you participate?

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  3. I'm not a developer, but I like the idea.

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    Plugin category: General, Fun, Role Playing

    Suggested name: Your Own Name

    What I want: I'd like to challenge you all in making the best Halloween-atmosphere plugin ever!

    Ideas for commands: Whatever commands you want!

    Ideas for permissions: Depends on what functions your plugin has ;)

    When I'd like it by: Until Halloween!

    Developers who might be interested in: CorrieKay TheTrixsta Icyene Courier ferrybig chaseoes

    That's right, You heard it! I am challenging you all in making the best Halloween plugin ever! I'm sure a lot of people are going to use it on their servers and since I've not found a good one, it would be cool to fight for the first place!

    The goal is to make the players as scared, as you can!

    Leave your opinion and let's do it! ^.^

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    I love the idea! Not sure I will be able to participate because of school work, but here are my two cents:

    From what I understand, a lot of people nowadays play a game called "Slender". Slender in MineCraft? It could work.

    • A modded enderman with digging capabilities, faster run speed, no teleporting.
    • A world generator that spawns a world made out of stone, with pumpkins. Configurable, maybe?
    • Random quiet periods, then large bangs (maybe explosions sent to the player).
    • Eerie ambient music. Aside from the ambient.cave sounds et al, one could take advantage of the new ability to play note sounds. A serializable noteblock song could be nice. Harry Potter theme in MC while an enderman with murderous intent chases you, anyone?
    • Constant night
    • An Halloween themed texture sent to clients
    • Villages... with flying pumpkin heads acting like villagers. Should be possible by giving a pumpkin FlyingBlock the ability of a villager.
    I already have some code for the enderman and texture changing, if anyone wants it I can gladly share it.
  4. I like the idea, but I dont think I have the time to create sutch an big plugin, I will loose track of the fisr part when I get to the last part
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    yeah nice idea i like it ^^
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    Bookmarked :)
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    also add random generated huts/houses that haves chests in it and like every 3 chest is boobytraped and will blow up.
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    Sorry I wont have time for this, but it seems very fun!
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    the scariest plugin out lately is Super mobs...
    it makes a block monster that's like a Snake...
    this might not seem scary to you until its chasing you thru land sea and air with a murderous glint in its block (eye)

    maybe il make a Snake Survival world... unleash a snake army and see who is the last man standing!
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    Wonderful idea!! Icyene has a great idea to start people off with!
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    I could do this...
    Make the sky texture the end sky,
    strike lighting every now and then
    add special pumkin lanterns throughout the world
    would be interesting. I have to write an essay for the next few hours but I will possibly take this up later. No guarantees though.
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    I'm glad for your replies! So let's hope for the best and let's see what we can make ;)
    Just to make sure you know: Anyone can still join!

    Edit: I'll probably play around and make a plugin with the mighty HIM.
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    I would if I could, but you know... School has these things called deadlines and midterms. Somehow I don't believe "I was making a plugin for a Halloween challenge" would be a good excuse.
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    I think i'll probably take a wack at this. Seems like fun!

    Going to add it to my sig
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    HalloweenDelight sounds like an ice cream flavor. Just the first thing that come to my mind :)
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    Likewise for the name, first thing to come to mind :p

    Edit: Maybe I should add some ice cream :p
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    The monsters will only leave those alone if they carry the power of the HalloweenDelight with them :D
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    I would also be glad for the sources of your plugins guys, so we all can learn. ;)
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    I will try this with 1.4 using that sand can be masked as other items and custom potions and such will give a much more "interesting" feel given that bukkit releases before Halloween cause 1.4 comes out before Halloween!
    Here is what I will try to do(Also depends on bukkit API)
    • Bats spawn in over worlds
    • Whitches spawn in over world(Both above land and underground
    • Always night
    • Jack O' Lanterns disguised as pumpkins so they fall outta the sky like random like falling sand
    • Custom potions with the new custom potion tag ability.(You can create custom potions and custom names Like Potion Of Fishman makes you blind and slowed and nauseated but you can breath under water or what ever you want it to have[Needs to already be an affect in mine craft but the name can be what ever])
    • Make mobs where "Customs" Like skeleton with creeper head Zombie with a Steve head Pig Zombies with wood swords and steve heads so like a pirate I dont know yet I do know all this can be done with McEdit filters and spawners. Make villagers spawn holding "Candy" the weak golden apples(You cant see them cause there not human or something like that dinner bone said :p Only ZombiePigmen Zombie ZombieVillagers or Skeletons) They drop the candy when killed :p
    • Make enderman stalk you and follow you :O Not hurt you but at random times pop out in front of you
    Thats all I can think of at the moment I have a list on my computer but I'm on my phone :p But I will need help if people wanna help please tell me
    (@RingOfStorms Can I make a HalloweenDelight potion? :3 your blinded but get strength and speed and mobs wont bother you(I dont know how to make them not bother you ill need to learn!)
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    Haha! Slender in Minecraft? Lol you people are way too creative... :D
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    Well thats what bukkit is for! Haha
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    great ideas, all! I would like to see them!
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    It's nice to see a competition in the forum, but what will the winner get? No award, no motivation, no motivation no anticipaters.

    Edit:Seems most of the devs already got the motivation! So nice!
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    Most people don't need motivation. They do it for the fun of doing it, and that's just how Bukkit is.
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    Also another idea I thought of was using player skulls and the witch huts :p And using the new custom naming/ lore for some cool rare items! All of this that I know about the new updates and how to use all these features are thanks to sethbling :D youtube.com/sethbling incase you wanna know how to use anything I said I might use :p
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    For example: I make plugins for fun, I love the result of my work, how others like it. That's why I started this topic.
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    We need some more devs like you sometimes :D

    If someone makes this on GitHub I wil join in with them!

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    I'll contribute.

    Player p = (Player)sender;
    p.sendMessage("Happy Halloween");
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    Been working hard on this lately instead of all my other plugins to get it out before Halloween. I'd say my plugin really does make the atmosphere scary. :) can't wait to show you guys some of it!

    Ok so I've got

    End Sky in all worlds,
    Scary Sounds (happen on interactions - random)
    AmbianceSounds(Happen randomly all the time)
    Herobrine (Chance for herobrine to appear and scare players)
    ConstantNight (Makes it always night so you get max mob spawning)
    Giants (Spawn giants randomly)
    Chest Explosions (Random chance for a chest to "explode when opened) *Note: Chest is not destroyed or broken*
    More Aggressive mobs (Some mobs have extra speed, damage, jump height, and have a flame particle effect)

    So that is what I've got so far, what else do you guys want to see?

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