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    I went to my server yesterday which is hosted on the web, (I pay monthly to have it) To find that it was hacked severely. Two of my worlds have extensive damage and the hack wrecked all my back ups as well so it is gone. The hacker was so bold as to sign his work and he logged on while I was on, but quickly logged off, I then after figuring out who did it , banned him, I also goggled his user name to further make sure that I had the right person, and it came up with many forum post from other victims, it even had a post from a hacker site where he was trying to recruit a coder for his custom hack.

    So when it comes to these hardcore hackers, the ones that are out to really wreck your game, Why not have a plug that checks on a daily bases a list of hackers that are known for their damaging hacks and then it auto bans these players from your game.

    I am out two years of custom building due to this, if I would have had this plugin, I would most likely still have my world.
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  3. You also should save a back up on your computer every month/week in case things like these happen.

    Did you have a plugin that rolls back grief? Possibly coreprotect, that logs worldedit? It would allow you to easily roll it all back (as long as he didn't delete the flatfile or the MySQL).
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    McBans is the closest thing out there to what you want. It has a global ban list, which can keep out people who have been banned on many other servers.
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    Little Kits

    You know.... There is a thing called have trust-able staff to guard the server 24/7. There is another thing called AntiCheat plugin. Lastly, there is one more thing called creating a backup of all your worlds.
  6. Ever hear of CoreProtect? Easiest way to log everything in your worlds and perform fast rollbacks.
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    <Removed - Name and shame not allowed here - Necrodoom>

    Yes, my bad, but that does not make the hacker any less guilty or dangerous.

    Thanks for that, I use fc_bans, but I will look into that and maybe switch.

    As for the backup, yes, I messed up, my back up is way to out of date, but I use the AntiCheat plugin, it did not help.

    Thank you, I will have to look at it, but if it makes large files the host might ask me to delete them, an older block logging plugin I had did this and caused multiple server lag according to the provider.

    Then that is a horrible server host. Who do you use? I know for a fact that My "MySQL" for CoreProtect is huge, but it hasn't caused any lag and the host has never asked me to purge/delete it.

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    You shouldn't be running your minecraft server on the web
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    And why is that?:eek:
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    Wait you didn't mean web server right?
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    And here is one of the underlying problems, when the community that is looked to as authoritative looks the other way.
    I am somewhat new to running a game sever, but I have been running forums for longer then some here have been alive. I can say with confidence that this forum has a built in auto ban system that keeps auto posting and known trouble makers out. It is not wrong to want those same features in a game server. And it is only helpful to a group society or nation, to acknowledge right from wrong, and not cover it up to keep up ratings, or for what ever reason.
    Name and shame without proof not being allowed is a good thing, that is why I added the link that showed the proof. With proof, Name and shame is what keeps a moral standard, order and not chaos.
    This kind of thinking(Name and shame not allowed) reflects the new world view, but sadly a lot of you younger people don't see where that is taking us.
    Good day.

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