Plugin Request Hack Detection (NO HACK PREVENTION)

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by MoejoeAw44, Nov 28, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Admin Moderation

    Suggested name: HacksPlus

    What I want: Essentially, I want a plugin that detects hacks. Not something as full as NCP. I don't even want it to be affective to stop hackers. I simply want it to send anyone with the defined permission a message saying what hack they are using (Although I know what hacks aren't detectable)
    Here's an example:
    MoeXIV is constantly clicking 20 times per second | Autoclicker
    MoeXIV is taking no knockback (Ping under 200) | Anti Knockback
    MoeXIV is running faster then possible | Fly / Speed
    MoeXIV is hitting entities farther then 10 blocks | Reach
    MoeXIV is only hitting when an entity is in reach | Trigger Bot

    Those are just a few examples I thought would be easy enough to detect, any more hack detection ideas would be nice, as I don't think I covered them all.

    P.S: Please make all messages configurable, (Through a lang/language file?).

    Ideas for commands: /hacksplus reload, /hacksplus toggle (To toggle notifications)

    Ideas for permissions: hacksplus.notify, hacksplus.reload

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Skionz I can't find a way to make the it detection seem like vanilla without disabling everything pvp related. I've also found NCP confusing, and a heavy plugin. I just wanted this little detection, instead of a full fledged NCP style plugin.
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    So basicly you want the player to be able to use all hacks, but send the admins a message if they do?
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    Yes, jorrik98, I believe that is what MoejoeAw44 is saying. What he wants is if someone is hacking, for an administrator to be notified because the administrator has the ability to determine severity and repetitivity of hacking events. Example:
    JoeSchmoe disconnected
    His Plugin (From an admin's point of view)
    JoeSchmoe is clicking faster than normal (20 times per second)

    This is the difference.
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    Well try to request to any anticheat or nocheat plugin to add this feature,
    I actually have a plugin like this ( not made by me, private ) that does this but it doesn't check for that many hacks and also has some false positives sometimes, it does alert players with permissions with a message and sound (configurable) so you can afk.
    I could post it here, when I get access to a pc.
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    Sounds like a plugin i could use on my old Vanilla server :3
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    Hehehe, I feel you :)

    Yes Please! :) jorrik98

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    I have my AntiCheat configured to only message staff and not automatically punish offenders. AntiCheat gives a few false positives but it isn't a big deal with manual punishments. config.yml
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    @uksspy problem is, that plugin won't support 1.8 when my server makes the big change. I've read a lot of the comments saying that it doesn't work for their 1.8 Spigot servers
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    Moved to Alternatives Section.
  15. You forgot "JoeSchmoe died.", but that used to be AntiCheat rather, not NoCheatPlus.
    You can configure NoCheatPlus to not prevent players from cheating, but to alert for it, the messages look similar to this one.

    What we are missing is one single switch to turn off all prevention. Currently you would have to remove multiple "cancel" words/entries from the configuration, some of which are somewhat important, because they might prevent severe lagging or crashing of your server, which should be worth a consideration. That's why we use to recommend to find out which checks you want to only alert (e.g. moving and fighting) and alter them selectively, we can give assistance in how to find out and how to configure it such. It's still worth a feature request, i don't know if you will find someone who wants to and can write a decent anti cheating plugin from scratch (in no time, for no money, just for detection !?).
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