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    **Category**: Roleplaying,fun
    **Name**: Gun pack

    **What I want**
    - What I want is a gun plugin which your able to use to other plugins.
    Most likely I was looking for a plugin that can add gun texture on it without using any spout(ofcourse the sound too:D). And customising gun(s) are appreciated:).

    /cs list //list all available guns
    /cs give(weapon) //gives you a weapon with ammo


    **Due by**
    Next month:)

    Unfortunately I can't offer you money but I can give you a rank on my server for some reason there are many
    Scammer around the world!

    Thanks for reading this:D
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    You cannot add textures or sounds. You can make a resource pack with sound & texture, but that's about it.
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    Ok guys:)

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