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    Plugin category: AI

    What I want
    This plugin would be a completely AI driven guild/faction that is based on relation to players and amount of money. Every day it decides how do certain things based on money available, this will follow rules predefined by the server owner, with a degree om randomness into it.

    How does it work?
    it monitores a certain economical account and based on the rules and amout of money it does certain actions. Let say that if the rule is to only do an action if its more than 1000 money and that it randomly pick an action based on predefined action with different value. An example is to issue a costume command that is worth 500 money, that could be "/bouny set PLAYER 500", 500 would then be removed from that account and the bounty for this player would be set for 500. The idea is that it will be more than one AI.

    example of possible config:

    AI ID: 1
    AI NAME: "The blue guild"
    Minimum money: 1000 - This money would always be untouched by the actions (for possible chestshop transactions etc). This means that to carry out a 500 action it would need atleast 1500.

    500, 20, --10: BOUNTY 500
    - bounty set %p 500
    500, 10, +20: PAY 500
    - money pay %p 500
    - mail %p "message"
    1000, 5, -20 to -50: BOUNTY 1000
    - Bounty set %p 1000

    2000, 1, AR : Hard
    - difficulty hard
    - money take %G 2000

    %P = player
    %G = this account (this guild).
    %OG = other guild (based on relation).
    AR = all relations
    + better than (relation)
    - less than (relation)
    Every action can carry multiple commands, this makes it more comparable, since some plugins might not take the money from the account and one can therefore add a line that removes the money for that action.

    How does this account get money?
    It could be chestshops that will gain this account profit, therefore when people choose to buy from these they support this specific AI. It can also arrive from donations from other players, which in term would increase these players relations to this AI and therefore make them less likely to be picked for negative actions and more likely for positive actions.

    How does it pick players?
    The relation to players are based on their actions, like if they donate money to this AI or kill players that the AI do not like (or like) or of their relation to other AIs.`

    their relation should give them a better CHANCE of avoiding or getting the action, not predefine it by itself so if you are the one with the worse rating you would not be guaranteed to get the action all the time. However the actions do specify certain minimum or maximum rating so a player with high rating will not get bounty on their head.

    I picture the rating to have 0 as neutral, 100 as the best and -100 as worst.

    Integration to other plugins.
    The plan is that you specify costume commands in the config and how much they are worth, so you can pretty much use this with every plugin that uses commands like this, like bounty plugins.

    It would also be good if this could be based on relation to towns (towny), clans (simpleclans) factions etc. So that if you are part of a clan this may make it impossible for you to ever get a good relation, or that if you do help out this AI you can choose to do it as an clan member and therefore benefit every member.

    I would like this plugin to be integrated with these plugins:
    - vault
    - chestshop
    - simpleclans and towny

    Resource usage of the plugin.
    The plan is that the actions are only carried out on certain times of the day to limit the server resources. However, relations will be calculated on the fly. For instance if they pay donation to this account the players relation will get a predefine boost. This should not be a hard calculation, if player have a relation of 5 and pays 1000 were every 10 coin is worth 1 relation hes relation will be 105 (100+5), and the same for killing specific players.

    Everything should be configurable, the rate of how much your relation is increased by donation, killing or other player-actions.

    Other possible features
    - let the AI buy regions (simpleregionmarked) and try to resell them for profit.
    - Let players of certain relation user certain things inside regions owned by the AI (greif prevention or WG)
    - Limit how much relation people can earn based on permission (donation/rank benefit).

    the idea is that it will be at least two AI's and that does can have certain relation to each others. Therefore if players see a chestshop owned by one or the other, they will have a choice of who they will support. This is just the beginning and I would think this plugin can grow allot more and get better compatibility to other plugins as the times goes on. I don't know how to make mc plugins, but I think the basic things of this plugin should be possible and relatively easy for someone that knows.

    Let me know what you guys think :)

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