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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jacklin213, Jul 19, 2012.

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    port forward.JPG
    ether read this or go to http://portforward.com/

    I use the terms modem and router dont get confused im meaning the same thing
    First off - do you have access to your modem???? DO u no the username and the password to it ???
    TIP: user name and password is usually written on the router.BE SURE TO CHECK
    if its not whats written on the route Restore it then it should b
    (thanks to @GTX_680 for tip )
    if you don't u CANT PORT FORWARD what so ever


    Do u have a modem that can port forward?
    or simply by logging onto your modem and seeing if it has a game sharing function
    If not then im sorry u cant port forward
    Ifyes continue on

    Do u know your internal ip?
    Internal ip is the ip that you port forward to, also described as your inside ip which only you use
    it can be found by going to ur cmd and typing this in
    all your looking for is the ip address or for some users the IPv4 address

    What now?
    Well its time to make your ip static if you dont want your ports to screw up after restarting your computer.
    STATIC IP TOOL here (open)

    you can either keep it to the preferred one or make one of your own (only for advance users)
    once you've done that you have a permanent internal ip

    Port forwarding time?
    Yes, its time to port forward the minecraft port to your ip the minecraft port is :)25565)
    To do this you need to log onto your modem by typing your internal ip address into the address bar.
    Go to the game and sharing section port forwardin 1.png or the NAT section.
    The port forwarding screen should look something like this port forwardin 2.png
    Now for the application name or service name you can just put minecraft
    The ports your put 25565 because thats the minecraft port
    Now the ip you put your internal ip that you made static before and it should look like this port forwardin 3.png
    click ADD and OK

    Port checking time
    Now its time to check your ports using your EXTERNAL ip
    Where to find it? google whatsmyip or http://whatsmyip.org/ or http://portforward.com/
    Port checking websites
    Most bukkit members like to use http://canyouseeme.org/
    but me myself i like to use http://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php

    Whats the difference?
    well http://canyouseeme.org/ and lots of other websites only allow you to check the port and nothing extra. These port checking sites have a default setting of
    connect() TCP&IMCP
    What we need is something that will allow us to change the PING TYPE to dont ping
    Why? because doing this will avoid firewall, router firewall problems
    Won't this affect people coming onto my server? no firewall and router firewalls only tend to block pings from going out not coming in.
    other wise non of this will work
    What does this mean? it means that when a website pings u on a specific port it needs to get a reply back to count that port as being open. But if for some reason your router doesnt want to ping back websites like http://canyouseeme.org/ and other port checking websites will think the port is closed.
    So why http://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php
    Well this website has the option of don't ping which means it wont rely on ping to check if the port is open. This website gives 90% chance of being correct
    Why should we believe u
    EVIDENCE (open)
    port forwardin 5.png port forwardin 4.png

    Now what?

    Well its time to put your Internal ip into your (server-ip=) into your server.properties file
    Once you do that you give your friends your EXTERNAL ip and you log on with your Internal ip

    well your at the end now hope this helped u if you need any extra help post here or ask @ImminentFate
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    Me likey
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    ttyy ^_^


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    Not meant to hate:

    This is strictly for PC's

    Mind if I mac something similar at some point for Mac's and apple routers?
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    go ahead u can use the port checkin website too if u want

    leave a message if this helped u ^_^

    did i miss anything on there?

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    At one point you said "Iv4". It should be "IPv4" <- Minor annoyance :p
    Also, make sure to tell them that the static IP is only for your internal IP. Your external one (Which everyone else uses to connect) will change from your internet provider. Nothing you can do about that, unless you use no-ip.com
    Also, it may help to point out that if they have a router that supports UPnP, there is a tool i made that port forwards for you, and there are also a few out there in the wild.

    One more thing: Why the hell is my name so big???? :D

    Oh, also, FIREWALLS.
    Bloody annoying things when port forwarding, because a person can follow a step by step guide and think they're retarded, only because the stupid firewall prevents Java from accessing the internet.

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    too much to process. Changed the Ipv4 so what else do i add lol
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    lol, tell them to make sure their firewall allows java
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    1. You should add near "if you dont know userrname/pass to modem your CANT PORTFORWARD" A sidenote that you can if you reset your modem.
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    doesnt that reset to factory settings which is the same??
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    BTW, download something called, "Portforward checker" and "Simple port fowarding"

    They helped me ALOT too making my server :p
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    yeh i no that but did u no u learn nothing off that? this is for people who dont want "port forward checker" to give wrong info and who dont want "simple port forwarding" to port forward using another language and screw up
    (happened to me when i used it) i had a TG585 v8 (english) "simple port forwarding" tried to port forward in spanish even though setting was on english and the ports didnt forward
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    Im having some issues with this.
    I've had a server up before but I haven't used it since I installed my new anti virus software (Which is called VIPRE)

    I used http://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php
    like you said, and it showed that the port was open unlike the port checker program.

    So I assume it has something to do with the firewall or something blocking java, so I just disabled the firewall altogether and im still having issues. Mind you I turned off the VIPRE firewall, the Windows Firewall is already off.

    Oh and im sorry if this is in the wrong section >_<
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    its ok so whats wrong?
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    if http://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php says its up it should b are you giving them the external ip while u put your internal ip in(server-ip=)

    leave a comment if this thread helped u

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    Yes I've been giving them the external, and i've been using localhost or internal ip.
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    Lanero have you allowed 25565 port through windows 7 firewall? (assuming you have that)
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    hum can u list your specs thanks and what modem u use
    windows or mac:
    version of windows or mac:
    what modem:

    u there?

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    Simple Portforwarding Guide for *most* if not all netgear users...
    Open your Router 'home-page' where you manage it, update to the latest firmware, as they do update.. kinda often.
    Look for portforwarding, portforward the computer's IP that you want the server on, and DON'T check your ports yet, they remain closed until you prompt to use them. Start up your MC server, then check port checking tools, it will be Open.
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    thats correct ^
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    will add more to the guide
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    I LOVE this guide. This is one of the better ones I've seen.
    The only suggestion I have is adding something about if you have done all of your listed steps and the guide still wont work for you, try removing the ip that you put on the server.properties and just leaving the field blank (server-ip=) because that is what I had to do to get it to work properly for me.
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    Your mac will be the same... open a browser and go to a webpage... that's how you configure a router. It will be about as different as google.com looks on your mac vs a pc.
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    its different if ur using port mapper
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    you're never meant to fill the section that says server-ip unless you run a computer on a network with multiple external ip addresses.
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