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Is this a good idea?

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    What i want it to do:
    I want a GUI based shop plugin.

    It will take prices from the essentials worth yml and make everything a configurable percentage higher price to sell to players.

    The plugin would have everything the worth file has in the store. (There can be a config to omit some items)

    This would be a revolutionary plugin for server owners because it will allow them to make chat shops faster and easier then ever before because it uses the worth file to automatically make buy and sell prices according to the worth file. Many times server owners have to configure it all himself.

    /shop will bring up a GUI with multiple categories of shops
    /shop reload will reload the config (s)

    After doing the command /shop potions, it can take you to a gui with the items in it to buy/sell.

    Chatshop.use - for player useage
    Chatshop.admin - for admin usage

    It can be called chatmarket

    And 1.7+ or 1.8+ would be great

    In the config you can edit the percent increase of price from the worth yml. Every in the worth file would can be sold for example 20% higher than the sell price specified in the worth file.
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    I think that typing "/shop" should open up a GUI with the available categories, so you don't have to type "/shop potions" or something (But you still can if you want to)
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    I looking to get into bukkit again so i can do this for you.

    I haven't done any bukkit-related programming in a while so if anyone else feel like they can get this done faster, be my guest.
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    Wow really?


    It really should be a GUI instead of chat, so I will update the description.

    this thread is still open! As @Ruptur said, "if anyone else feel like they can get this done faster, be my guest."
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    I think this is a well-thought out thread and plugin.

    Anyone else thinking about doing this?

    @Ruptur Are you doing this, or are you not? Please tell me.

    It's been filled!
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