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    Plugin category: Economy, Admin tools

    Suggested name: Easy GUI Shop (Idk)

    What I want:
    A plugin with the concept of GUI Shop. So you right click the sign and a GUI opens and your click on the item to buy it. However when selling the item instead of clicking the item to sell it. You'd have another GUI which you just place the item into > press esc > in the chat it will say how much all the items sold for in total. Therefore making it a lot easier to sell items.
    • Sign based and command based (all with permissions)
    • All prices and items are done in the config
    • When making the sell price in config it should be "how much its worth for 1 of the item" so someone can sell 23 and another person can sell 72 etc.
    • Customization color based chest name
    • Customization color based name and lore for buying items.
    Ideas for commands:
    • Custom command to open up certain shops (if you have permission) eg. /fshop (you can change the command)
    • Reload command
    Ideas for permissions:
    •<name of shop> (GUI can only be opened via sign)
    • easyshopgui.sign.sell.<name of shop> (GUI can only be opened via sign)
    •<name of shop> (GUI can be only opened via command)
    • easyshopgui.command.sell.<name of shop> (GUI can be only opened via command)

    When I'd like it by: Take your time. The faster the better!
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    This is what you looking for ?
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    inagic Nope because it doesn't have the sell shop feature I'm looking for. The sell feature is clicking. I want it so the seller places his or her item into the GUI to sell it.
    Player1 has 27 wood > he clicks sell sign > it opens an empty chest gui > Player1 places his 27 wood into the empty gui > he presses esc > it add $83 to his balance and says in chat you sold $83 worth of items
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    Well a gui plugin is kinda hard to make... it requiers a lot of knowledge and still i have no expirience over it so i cant hel u nik_AP sorry
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    It actually isn't hard at all, but why would you want someone to recreate an existing plugin, only because you want dragging instead of clicking...
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    Use this plugin for the signs.

    Here you go.
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    @UnrealPowers because if you have loads of different items like 13 coal 34 wood, 5 diamond, 37 iron, 62 dirt etc its going to take longer to sell. If it was drag and drop, it'd be done in 3 seconds.

    @e1kswf7 none of those have the drag and drop sell feature...
  8. Nik_AP You can sell with GUI Shop, just not deposit all your items in the GUI. That would be hard-ish, since it would have to find each item, the amount, selling price, selling price with enchantments?, etc
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    This is actually very possible. I could possibly make this soon. If no one replies by tommorw 3 CST i'll start on it!
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    tylerthecreeper1 I know about all these gui shops already. Just want that sell feature. And it should be like the owner config's the price of one of the item and the plugin should times the price with how many the player puts in.
    1 stone - $2
    1 diamond is $50
    Player puts 78 stone and 9 diamons into gui. The plugin identifies the stone and diamond as well as how many are in the gui after he has presses esc the plugin then times $2 by 78 to get the sell price of stone, pluses the answer and times 9 with $50 to get the total.
  11. Nik_AP That isn't as easy as you may think.
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    Awesome dude!

    I know but I wanted to give an example of how it should be calculated.

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    No prob, i've actually gotten started on it already. No where near half way, but if you have skype feel free to add me at [email protected]

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    I'll add you when I get home

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