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    Suggested name: Guard Utilities

    What I want:
    1. I would like a plugin to track the time a player is online and pay them for the time a configuered amount depending on the permissions he has or the group he is in. The payment should be either made after every 5min or maybe on command or on login/logout.
    2. Also I would like to be able to check the time the person spent online for a configureable timeframe.
    3. Grant permissions after certain time online. If the player has guarded for a certain amount of time they should get access to a permission for a certain amount of time too. So for example after guarding 2 hours the player gets the permissions to enter the nether.
    4. Tie requirements to the addition of permissions so they can only be added if there is more than 1 guard for every 10 people online (config)
    I would prefer if this could use MySQL.

    Ideas for commands:
    /guard check <player> <timeframe>
    eg /guard check anonym110 12h returns the total onlinetime anonym110 had in the last 10hours in the chat. Should look like this: [GuardUtil] anonym110 has guarded 3 hours and 32 mins in the last 12 hours

    /guard checkall <timeframe>
    eg /guard checkall 5d generates a file which lists the time all players that have the permission guardutil.record were online in the last 5 days. File should include the username and the time spent in total on the server + maybe the amount they earned.

    /guard pay

    pays the player for the time he was online.​
    /guard grant
    grants player certain permissions/items for the time they were on duty.

    Ideas for permissions: #Pay amount per minute online - Amount configuered in the config #Pay amount per minute online - Amount configuered in the config #Pay amount per minute online - Amount configuered in the config
    GuardUtil.record #Players onlinetime will be recorded for the use of /guard check and /guard checkall
    GuardUtil.check #Grants access to the /guard check command
    GuardUtil.checkall #Allows to use the command /guard checkall
    GuardUtil.grant #Lets player us /guard grant

    Thank you for reading :)
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    I know at least 2 plugins that do this lol
    Payday and WiiPay
    Pwyday has permissions for group so u have to give the correct permission to the group while wiipay doesnt. u only need to define the payment per group the interval and toure good to go
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    another one called "on time" does these things as well
    with a lot of other cool features like "rewards the most played player of the day or week" etc

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