Question (GroupManager) - Negative Permission Nodes Refuse To Work With Inheritance

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Strangirs, Jul 30, 2015.

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    I've been trying to figure out why this hasn't been working for awhile now,
    I'm almost done with kits and such, but I want the highest rank to not be able to access the lower ranks kits besides the starter. I thought the negative note would be like eg: -
    But apparently it's not working because the God rank can use any of the below ranks...
    Also I apologize it's all messy I haven't organized the file in order of rank yet.

    My Groups.yml:

    My Config.yml:

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Pastebin your full Essentials config.yml please.
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    Bump! Still need help! D:
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    not 100% but pretty sure that kitnames and warpnames are case-senstive in the permission nodes, hence having Jester and Herald nodes but negating herald or jester will have no effect...
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    I changed all the kit names and groupnames so that they are lowercased, reset the users.yml did /essentials reload /manload /reload and restarted and still allows higher ranks to claim the lower kits :/



    I wish this would work :/ I hope negative nodes will work for my moderator ranks and such, I'll test those out now.
    Thank you for trying to help!

    Edit: Tried adding
    - -essentials.balance
    and it still let the command go through,
    I checked the plugins folder in it sent out an ERROR.LOG
    I believe it's only saying that a suffix color can't be added becuase there's no suffix applied..
    I'll erase the suffixes i'm not using, but I feel that isn't the problem and if nothing results from erasing it, I probably will move on and try to see if PEX is successful.
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    The error log is saying "Your yml file is BROKEN because of a tab character, and since that one itty bitty tiny mistake happened, SCREW YOU BUDDY I'm breaking this entire operation right here and now, bam, done, toast!" and your permissions system then blows up in an explosion.

    ANY parsing error in a permission yml file, and that renders permissions devistated from barely-some things impacted to everything-and-everyone-is screwed-up...

    If you have ANY parsing errors /errors thrown by any permission system - groupmanager, pex - whichever one you are using at the time -- your server is operating like a schoolchild with its fingers crossed behind its back, not behaving as you expect it to because of that, so that it can claim later "hah, i had my fingers crossed, didn't mean a thing I said!"

    You can't trust any permissions based information if your permission program has a yml format parsing error, or logic parsing error (aka throws an error during startup). You may as well not have any file, since you're not going to get the WHOLE TRUTH out of the permission system - it will lie in different ways different times until it is without physical error.
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    I put your groups.yml through a tabs-to-spaces parser and this is what it popped out:

    Give that a shot, check for an error as you did before.

    Here's the error from your previous groups.yml:

    1. Caused by: while scanning for the next token
    2. found character '\t(TAB)' that cannot start any token. (Do not use \t(TAB) for indentation)
    3. in 'reader', line 167, column 19:
    4. suffix: '&6'
    So as you can see, it says it found character '\t(TAB)' (which is obviously a tab) at line 167, column 19. If your groups.yml gets that error again, check the location and see if you can figure out the problem yourself! :)
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    Thanks, the error went away!
    Unfortunately the negative nodes are still not working :(
    The God rank can do /kit starter, jester, herald, hero, king, god
    when I just want it to do /kit Starter, god

    Checked on PEX and the negative nodes work like a charm, but has other fallbacks which is why I would prefer to use GroupManager.

    Sorry for being a pain, I'm just really confused why those negative nodes won't work :/
    Thanks for all the help! I should look into downloading a tab to space parser :D
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    No need to download one ;)
    If I think of anything for your groups.yml then I'll let you know.
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    Lets see your users yml file for giggles and grins...
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