Group Manager broken? (Urgent)

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Do you think I will get my groups back?

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  3. I have no idea why the hell are you asking me?

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    Well everything is fine and well. I go into McMyAdmin and touch this cool little shiny button that says "Permissions exporting" and I put it to group manager and BAM! Everything is all f***ed up. I can't do anything, not even /manload. Please help this is horrible I can't do anything besides /pl

    I pasted the errors for group manager here:

    And If it's possible I would like to save my groups because I made them perfect and it took a while to do :S
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    this is why i advice to never use a UI that tries to make its own permissions editor.
    paste your groups.yml, the error could be fixed easily but to revert the structure to easy to read one would be harder.
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    The error is pretty self explanatory. You've got no default group.

    You need at least 1 group with "*" as a member, and that group must apply to all worlds.

    Also I hope you've got a backup if you hand-wrote permissions, because exporting erases your current permissions. Hence why you get a massive full-screen warning entitled "Data Overwrite Warning"
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