griefers from custom client

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by slimpyman, Nov 13, 2011.

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    i had to deal with about a half hour of people coming on different names, me banning and ipbanning them until i just went to whitelist for now... any idea how to stop
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    Not sure how effective it would be against the client and those who use it to connect, but you could try MCBans.

    Depending on what they're doing once they're in the server, you may be able to stop at least a portion of it with NoCheat.

    And then there's HawkEye, for attempting to repair their damage, or Snapshot feature of WorldEdit for whatever's beyond repair and in need of simply restoring from backup. Although HawkEye can't report on anything before it was installed and configured, and WorldEdit requires that you have a regular and specific backup method in place.
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    Nathan C

    MCBans tracks their alternate accounts via their IP's.

    You can set it to only allow a specified number of alternate accounts per player.
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    The fact that there is a website like is sad. Why do people put so much effort to make people angry it just makes no damned sense...
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    The moment you show that you don't give a shit is the moment they turn cool.
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    Its not that I really care too much its that I just don't get how they get into that mindset to begin with.. My best guess is they are the little kids at school who get picked on, so they take it out on the internet :3 Either way, easy to deal with if need be :p
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    Just make it a GreyList/Whitelist server, they cant build/log on until accepted.
    Otherwise, MCBans only allows up to 4 accounts per IP.

    Lastly, as well as what was mentioned above, you can also get WorldGuard to protect areas.
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    Am I the only one suspecting OP is just here to advertise that site of his?
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    hold on, MCBans keeps track of IP's, they need to NOT do that as many people have dynamic IP's and if theirs is one that was banned on the system, they would be penalized and not have done anything
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    Nathan C

    Yeah, but it also takes dynamic IP's into account. I forgot how, but it does, so it is fine.
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    MCBans, I personally find, is really ineffective. On my server, I found I used to get more griefers/hackers/spammers than when I did before I had the plugin.
    With MCBans comes it's reputation.
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    What do you expect, as long as there is someone that enjoys a game, there will always be someone that wants to crap all over that. It's just how many people are. There are people that are miserable if others are happy and when they make others miserable, then they are happy. Sad sacks are sad...
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