Great idea for running minecraft on older graphics cards....

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    I notice sometimes when I'm playing there will be large rectangular spaces with the display of the terrain is blackened out. I dunno what you would call this because I'm not super good with computers. BUT... I do notice when I toggle the "Advanced open GL" back and forth, it seems to fix these big errors on the screen instantly! I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about if you've done this on a rig similar to mine. My sorta idea is, if someone were to somehow make a plugin that either detects those large black areas on your screen and automatically (almost like when I press the toggle for open gl) does the operation implemented thus removing/ fixing the areas that are blacked out squares. Please, someone get back to me on what you think about this idea. Also if you still aren't sure what I'm talking about, feel free to clarify by asking any questions. MC-MC
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    The 'blackened terrain are chunks errors(see Chunks, and Chunk Errors) that have not been sent from the server. This is normally pertaining to your connection to the server or the server's work load, not pertaining to the client side rendering. At the current state, it is impossible to have the server detect Chunk errors because the Minecraft client does not have any method to handle them. A modded client (not sure if Spout would work) would need to be used in conjunction with said plugin to detect Chunk Errors, and even then a simple re-log fixes them. Also want to throw out that having the server control any sort of video card function might allow for exploits.

    Chunk detection is only handled on client side during single player, not multi-player. Modded Client would be needed. Server control of video card function could be dangerous.
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    Oh I see. Thank you for replying with that. I really learned a lot from what you said! It's never really a big enough problem for me that I even need to restart but I see how it works now. Again ty.
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    I admire your logic though :)
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    Thinking out of the box is always encouraged. Innovators are the people who make the world spin.
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    Thanks, I'm glad you guys see what I was aiming at.

    I was also thinking maybe not a plugin that automatically does what im saying but maybe a UI button exactly like the "Advanced Open GL" button but just make it handy to press at any time because it resets my chunks whether I'm playing mp or sp. That would be cool!. At least that way If I see big chunk errors in game, I could press a little button like in the bottom right corner or something and call it chunk reloader. This you could press yourself and it would quickly reset the chunks without having to log out and in.

    In other words somehow just drag the "advanced open gl" button over to the main screen (but not literally just in theory) and just put it somewhere on the screen while playing and just rename it chunk fix/reload or whatever.

    Sorry for my sloppy wording, just typing it as I think it up.

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    Well, toggling the advanced opengl switch forces your screen to re-render. I'm not sure about that, but changing the render distance should have a similar effect and there's a shortcut for that (I think it was the F key)... ;)
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    If it was hotkey'd that definitely work. As for the UI button you want, that would not fall under bukkit, as bukkit is server side. You'd either want a client mod or spout.
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