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    Is this possible?

    The idea is that when installing this plugin you can do this on a MC server. When the plugin is running it creates a config file where we can write down which worlds this can be enabled in. The idea for this plugin is to remove floating houses and castles and stuff like that and smash other's houses with this plugin. Must be compatible with the CoreProtect plugin so we can check who destroyed who's house with this plugin and who made the tower. When plugin is installed it will add a flag to the worldguard plugin that will be on by default and remove the gravity from a specified region and incomming falling blocks from outside.

    The config file can be something like:
      - world1
      - world2
      - world3
    CollapsingCave: <true/false>
    Write down the worlds that should be able to use this plugin in world and true or false on CollapsingCave to make caves collapse if not carefull. this is just an example of an config file.

    The permission nodes can be "Gravity.deny" to disable the plugin for a player or a group.
    "Gravity.allow" to allow the group/player to use this plugin (default (must be changable in config file))

    The commands can be /gravity toggle or something to enable/disable the plugin in a world without going into the config file. /gravity reload to reload the plugin in case of a config deletion or load the configs
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