"Graveyard" Plugin Idea !

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Blixion, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Hi. I have a really cool idea for a plugin.

    - When people die for the first time they will get their own "grave" in a graveyard.
    On that grave it will be a monument which displays all deaths you have,
    and how many times you have been killed.

    This plugin is maybe not a really useful plugin, but it would have been fun to have a plugin of this kind.
    What do you think ? or any other thoughts ?
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    Would be a good Idea I have some skill but I still am learning about auto-setting regions, at the rate I learn sometime soon I plan to work on this.
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    howlingmadpanda did you want to work together on this? Sounds like a fun plugin actually. Use a sign as a head stone and put flowers on the grave lol
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    And you could also add the player head, And when you right click on the head it would display the ammount of deaths
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    Haha sounds good. So going to start on this
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    Do you guys think its a nice idea ?
    If so please credit me in your finished plugin :)
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    If you guys need any additional help, I'm available.

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