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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LordOfPex, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Utilities/Fun.

    Suggested name: HCGrapple

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that lets me get a fishing rod that will be used as grapple hook. When a player throws the hook at a block or something, when he pulls the hook back it will pull him to that place. Unlike other grapple plugins (found 2 of them), i would like that it wont be matter where the hook is been thrown at, it will simply pull the player to that location, even if its a wall or a high place.

    Also I would like an option to disable the usage of a grapple hook in specific worlds. The grapple hook item can be called '&6Grapple Hook'. I would like to be able to make a fishing rod into a grapple hook simply by renaming it to the name of the grapple ('&6Grapple Hook'), so I can use the grapple in kits and such as well.
    I found 2 grapple hook plugins, but they are really glitchy and not working many times.

    Ideas for commands: None.

    Ideas for permissions: p
    hcgrapple.use = Permission to use the grapple hook.
    hcgrapple.reload = Reload the config file ingame.

    When I'd like it by: I really need it as soon as possible - approx 2-3 days If possible.
    Thanks in advance!
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    @LordOfPex Does the player get pulled to that place via movement, or does it just teleport him there? Because the former is pretty hard.
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    @LordOfPex IIRC SethBling made a plugin a while back called BlingGrapplingHook which did this really well. However it works for all fishing rods, not just ones with a special name.
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    I just watched a video of that plugin, It seems to work almost perfect, but when he is grappling, the movement of him is way too slow. I need it to be faster.

    Also, In his plugin I need to press shift in order to make the grapple work. I just want it to be automatic when I pull the hook back.
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    I can work on this, but because of the complexity of vector calculations (and work from school) I may not be able to finish in 2-3 days.
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    Its okay take the time you need, Thank you! :)
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    Well you could use Hg abilities if you want...
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    @LordOfPex Finished the first build of the plugin!

    Now, because of certain restrictions that Bukkit's API has, using a grappling hook will be slightly tricky. It's not rocket science, but it does require some minor timing. There are two main things to remember:
    1. Reel in the grappling hook as soon as the fishing bob (hook) hits the wall. This is just because of the fact that Minecraft has gravity applied to fishing bobs; I can't stop the bob from falling without causing some high-end lag.
    2. Look above your crosshair before reeling to increase the chances of the grappling hook launching you on top of your target. This has to do with the way Minecraft manages velocity and vectors, which is affected by player gaze.
    If you combine these two things (and remember to get somewhat close to whatever wall you're grappling up), you should get the hang of using the hook in no time.

    /hcgrapple reload (Permission: hcgrapple.reload) - Reloads the plugin config.

    Tell me if there are any problems!
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    Okay so first, the plugin works PERFECT. I love it! So first, thank you so much!

    Second, A few things if possible:
    1. The speed/velocity of the hook is a bit too fast/much, if you can maybe recduce it a bit or even make it configurable to set the speed/velocity in config it will be great.

    2. Can you maybe add an option to change the sound of the hook and also an option to disable the sound in the config?

    3. Maybe an option to disable the usage of a grapple hook in specific worlds? That can be awesome.

    4. Can you maybe add an option to set a cooldown between each grapple usage?

    5. Thank you so much again! The plugin is amazing!
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    Glad you like it! I'll add those features when I get the chance.


    @LordOfPex Finished the second build of the plugin. I'd suggest deleting your config.yml to let the plugin generate the new, updated version. Instructions for configuration come with the generated file!

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    I got only 1 problem with the new version: When Im trying the hook on the ground (for example throwing it in front of me) It's barely moving me forward (Less than half a block forward xD), but when I'm trying the hook on a wall, its working perfect according to the settings of the config.

    Except for that bug, its working amazing!
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    @LordOfPex Yeah, the plugin handles destinations on the ground (and beneath the player) differently. I'll fix the logic real quick.
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    Hey, it seems that now its way too fast, and it also seems that the 'velocity:' option in config only applies to when im using the hook on a wall. When i change the velocity its not affecting the velocity speed of the hook on the ground.
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