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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by prophesix, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Im looking for a plugin that will allow me to know who votes for my server and automatically grant that person items when they vote... can anyone help me? thanks in advance!​
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    votifier does what you are asking
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    You could use databases and have a box to direct them specially to vote for your server and there name will be pre-entered. This will need PHP and HTML knowledge plus you will need to have the databases (Most web host's have them for free or a limited number for free.) You could incorporate votifier.
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    hmm okay Thanks for the help I'll be a little more specific =). I own a domain and host the website on my own personal server using Linux. I use a hosting service for my MC server since my bandwidth isn't adequate enough to sustain more then 10 people at a time. So since votifier seems to be what i need since i have it installed already how do i get it to pass like say a diamond to someone for voting? Similar to the larger servers so they'll have to be online when the event happens but it passes an item to them after successfully voting. Thanks again and in advance for you guys help!

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