Got a Permissions problem? READ THIS!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by codename_B, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Hi there - if you're reading this you're either curious or having a problem with your Permissions plugin.

    Basically there's one way to solve this - DON'T USE IT!

    There are a number of good reasons for this:
    • Permissions is being phased out in favour of built-in bukkit permissions
    • The bukkit permission managers are considerably easier to use than Permissions
    What is a "bukkit permission"? Basically - player permissions are now inbuilt into the game - you don't need an external reference to find out if a player has a permission - all you need is a plugin to tell the server to add a node to a player - which is all that managers do - they never interface directly with any plugin, bukkit does the rest - which is good news for you as a user!

    So - here's what you need:
    Will you still be able to use your existing plugins?
    The answer is MAYBE. Some simple permission only plugins will work if you use the SuperPerms bridge along with PermissionsBukkit, or just use bPermissions as is (it has a built-in bridge).

    So what will you need?
    Prefix/Suffix? bInfo - works with bPermissions or PermissionsBukkit
    Chat? bChat works with bInfo
    Player Stats? MCStats3 optionally works with bInfo (supports multiple economy plugins)
    Economy? iConomy5 still works fine with SuperPerms!
    Anti-Griefing? WorldEdit and WorldGuard still work fine with SuperPerms!
    Block Logging? BB still works fine with SuperPerms!


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    I lol'd.
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    I don't have a problem does that mean your info sucks?
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    Not a big fan of sarcasm, alright.
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    How is that sarcasm? I'm advocating a very usable alternative.
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    Connor Mahaffey

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    Add bPermissions and I will :p bPermissions has its own tutorials on the thread.
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    Got a problem? Give up!
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    Got a Problem? Ask for help! That's what the Help Forum is for. Not saying fak this I'm going to follow what this one guy says I should do.
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    I could either type this in every permissions problem post - or people could read it here :S
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    Or you could actually learn how to use Permissions. Most plugins support/require Perms 3.1.6 anyway.
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    That's entirely incorrect.
    Most plugins are moving to support/require built in Bukkit permissions, it's much easier on the plugin devs and much easier on the end-user because they can use any SuperPerms manager to handle their SuperPermissions for them - without the need for an external API (it's built into bukkit).

    Which plugins are you using that demand/require Permissions 3?


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    Ill try this instead I cant seem to get Permissions to work
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    Let me know if you need any help at all if you end up using bPermissions - as its my plugin I can give you 100% definitive support on it.
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    Lunar Delta

    Or you could use something like PEX which maintains backward compatibility while also supporting Bukkit perms. I still use several older plugins that will certainly never be updated to support SuperPerms, so this is important to me. It's also drastically easier to set up, maintain, and work with than something like P3, for example.

    It also allows me to keep using Herochat, which is far superior and more full-featured than any of the bukkitperms compatible chat plugins, and I don't even have to make any changes to my config!
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    Could always update them yourself/ask a friendly dev to update tehm for you.
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    Lunar Delta

    Heh. I am so terrible at coding and related matters I'd probably end up in the hospital after my attempt. ;)
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    It worked! Thank you! <3 <3 That was so much easier then permission @[email protected]
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    I'm a friendly dev.
    Glad to hear it :D which plugin did you end up using?
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    Heroes =/. I know I'm going to need to upgrade to Superperms at some point, but I *just* got Permissions on my server. For Heroes. You don't happen to know if it is compatible off the top of your head do you?
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    This is good information.. I was going to post something like this but is seems you have already done it.. and a bit ago too!

    Great job..

    It is very scary... and irritating.. and a pain to switch permission plugins.. we have all done it 25 times... But hopefully with this switch to SuperPerms it will be the last time we have to do complete rewrites of our permission files.

    I am using permissionsBukkit.
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    I think we should make a little icon for the bukkit permissions, that every developer can add on top to his thread, so ppl can easily see if you are using the new permissions system.

    Maybe for popular plugins as well. Spout, iConomy, ...
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    B, @Lunar Delta knows a friendly dev. *looks around*
    Also, B, I lol'd at how this thread is bumping, literally. hahaha
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    bump - bPermissions is now 1.2
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    I already tried changing my permissions to Bukkitperms,and i got rage,so i changed it back...:(
    But in a few weeks, i shall change, and they can adapt or go to hell! -.-
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    Try bPermissions, it's a lot easier to use.
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