Goodbye to plugin submissions :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Celeixen, Oct 11, 2011.

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    I know it has been planned for a while that we would get rid of plugin submissions and finally move everything to bukkit dev. i don't mind bukkitdev its alot different to the forum style but i think it will make it easier for server admins & thats what this community is aiming towards. The only disagreement i have with bukkit dev is that its just curse-forge re themed, so we need two different accounts just to manage our plugins.

    The main request i have is that before you fully switch over you enable the account linking feature for plugin devs, just so if i am signed in on my bukkit account, i am also signed into my bukkit dev account & vis-versa. Also it would be good to still have a forum for plugins, so that can have requests/suggestions, the comment style on bukkitdev seems as if large responses wouldn't look appropriate.
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    Don Redhorse

    this.. PLEASE... I know it is more work for the moderators, but Release / Submission / Update and Feature Request Threads are better here... SUPPORT threads should go to dev.bukkit, plus you have the Ticket System there for bugs and feature request where you can point the users too..

    btw... I'm mainly in favour for keeping plugin submissions and release forums in a different form for stuff like I did in my thread..

    ASK all the people who read the thread for their ideas for death messages... If I would want to do that on dev.bukkit I would either need to use comments... well, not a good idea.. or create a separate forum and hope that people will go in there to see such a request... well, will also not work imo ...

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    I'm gonna miss it. BukkitDev isn't my piece of cake.
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    You mean the page where you search for plugins? I love that page. I hope it stays.
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    Nathan C

    Ugh, I hate Curse and their BS.

    If they are going to get their hands in everything, then at least do it good.
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    Can't say that I particularly care for Bukkitdev, but I can stomach it, I suppose. As long as they let us keep forum threads here for our plugins. (For suggestions, feedback, discussion, etc.)
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