Goodbye Craftbukkit, Hello Sponge?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Gr0up115, Sep 8, 2014.

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    See the Sponge (Minecraft modding API) Here

    As Craftbukkit isn't here to help us anymore, the community are pulling together to sort out this mess. As the Bukkit team or Mojang are saying nothing, I'm sharing this just in case you don't know. So if you're a server owner that uses Craftbukkit, this could be the future for you.
  2. Gr0up115 Sure, let's just break the forum rules. Why not?
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    If it means showing people there's hope for their server then sure, why not.
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    Gr0up115 advertising is not a reason to ignore the rules.
    Sadly, many people here apparently show they have absolutely no care for bukkit rules and spam their unofficial builds and modified servers here, then I'm wondering why they then complain about why bukkit team can't provide them a server any more when they refuse to respect their rules.

    I don't see a reason to post here any more, people have already shown they don't care one bit.
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    Alright, fair enough.
    But nobody is giving us answers.. We're just being told to 'sit and wait'.
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    Sponge is under development by what can be called an "Open Minecraft Alliance".

    Its a strong group of developers fighting for the cause of Minecraft-Online in general. The use widespread use of craftbukkit alone is staggering. Losing it would be a ghastly wound indeed.

    Its has become clear to the Server communities that they need to band together in order to create software which will perpetuate the initial ideology of the bukkit project. This is essential for the long-time success of other, non-bukkit server platforms.
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    Posting an external link isn't automatically advertising. Informing the community about new things is not advertising. Technically the "unofficial builds" rule was always spoken never written, so it's hard to back when all the moderators have quit anyway.
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    Alshain01 yes, it is advertising, and the fact that you chose to ignore it doesn't mean you are exempt from it.
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    I chose to do what? Ignore what exactly?
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    Alshain01 the no unofficial build discussion or advertising rule has existed for a long time. Just because you don't want to follow it doesn't mean you are exempt from it.
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    What the hell are you talking about? I merely made a point of discussion. I dare you to find one post I've made that doesn't follow the rules. Maybe you should tend to yourself instead of accusing others.
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    Alshain01 You already know im refering to above post by Soledge which you tried to defend.
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    You used the word YOU in a very accusatory tone. Why don't shove off and stop back seat moderating since you aren't one. And since you aren't one, I can now add you to my ignore list.
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    I had a think and I've decided to re add my original post.
    Even if it does break some kind of 'Rule' I don't care, The Craftbukkit community need good news and this could be it.
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    Alshain01 Necrodoom used to a Moderator.
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    "Good news" as in directing us to other server mods giving us no hope whatsover. If you had faith in craftbukkit you wouldn't be persuading people to go to sponge (having nothing against it btw . So you're really just speeding up the ending process of this community, if you don't beleive bukkit will make it and start spreading sponge even further even though I'm sure everyone is alredy familair with it, you're just showing us this community isn't even here, as it's rules no longer apply to anyone, who gives a f*ck, right?
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    Considering that bukkit is falling apart. I am glad they posted this.
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    That was the point, you missed it.

    Personally it's more like Goodbye Bukkit, hello StarMade anyway. Minecraft is losing hold and selling out to a company who will halt all PC development and only support only XBONE so none of it matters anymore.
  19. IDK ~ "Fukkit, let's sell that thing?"
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    Uhhh, you do realize the entire bukkit staff quit right? There is no hope. Nobody wants to touch this project. It's a dead end. If you haven't picked that up by now you should really open your eyes. There is no "bukkit" community, it is a mod/plugin community, bukkit just happened to be the main plugin based part of that commuity. Guess what, it's changing.
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    Have you heard the news? Craftbukkit is over, don't you see?
    There's nobody here, Craftbukkit has now turned into a desert wasteland. One guy managed to kill this community and now Microsoft are going to kill Minecraft. The end is nigh.
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    Ye Lord of Minecraft, Hath mercy on us, and proclaim us free once again :'(
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    Craftbukkit is over because you keep saying it is, you and everyone else making threads like this is just putting the nails in the coffin. What is this "wasteland" you're speaking of, the forums re civil most of the time and we have Curse to run it (Hopefully they can run bukkitdev as well) These forums are fine, cb just cant be downloade,d and until we recieve news, everything is fine, drama queens, is what this is, drama queens have turned this siuation even WORSE; it's all about attenion, if you want to go sponge fine, don't hold up a sign saying THE END IS NEAR,and try to get a mob to follow you. You and everyone else like you are the destroying that spec of hope and putting it in a jar, you're destroying the chance of cb getting revived. That, and you guys refuse to give microsoft a chance, you always make such predictions, "Oh no the evil comapny microsft OH NOOO THEY'RE GOING TO RUN MC SNJFAS" Tell me, if microsoft is such a bad company, and google "OH NO YOUTUBEZ IS RUINED", and Apple, and pretty much any other company, what is a GOOD company in your eyes, obviously not mojang. There is no such thing as a "good" company, anyway.
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    Creeoer I 100% agree with you. Mojang will probably continue craftbukkit with Dinerbone after this copyright or whatever blows over or is sorted out.
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    Something called sponge... Sounds like a nice trojan. I'll pass.
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    At times the community feels like this quick sketch
  27. Did you consider the draft with a cow, consistency wise?
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    We can talk about the fate of bukkit, mojang and sponge for years to come, fact is everyone is going to have to wait. It's going to be a very long time before we see anything from anyone, it's almost worth throwing in the towel and finding an alternative game, not alternative server software...
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    This stuff always goes round in circles when Minecraft updates anyway... Bukkit updates lagged behind for weeks or months, especially RB's. Servers either sit tight on their current builds, or risked updating to dev builds as they arrive.
    The fact that the DMCA makes it unlikely that Bukkit will ever be updated has led a horde of developers from here and elsewhere to collaborate on the Sponge project, rather than let the spirit of the project dissipate. I don't see it as loss of faith in the Bukkit project, more as a consolidation of the modding community.
    Forge is proceeding business as usual, with the prospect of compatibility with vanilla clients in 1.8, and the Sponge API would be added as a coremod. So there will be server solutions, just not the same ones we're used to.
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    Yeah but one thing that keeps gnawing away at me with Sponge is this. The time from File-New to where Bukkit/Craftbukkit is today is going to take a lot of talent/muscle to rebuild from the ground up per say (mainly about letting the code soak long enough to iron out all the kinks etc). As for the co-op of the willing basically for us in the CanaryMod team there was confusion in that "Oh we are? who's working with them? whats going on?" moments internally as we had no idea we were even approached let alone now "contributing" to the code base.

    We're (CanaryMod Team) more focused on doing our own thing (one or two members are advising the Sponge "team" but that's about as far as our contribution is today), and I'd be interested to see how Spigot also is handling this given they have already an existing code base they'd likely want to keep flowing onwards with as well? it just seems odd to say "welp, lets all start again and ignore two codebases that are already mature/existing for the greater good of a new one..."

    I'm not sure what problems being solved by doing that? Furthermore the whole Sponge/SpoutAPI reboot is based off the survey results

    To which i can't but help analyse the semantics of that given the sample size and the responses.

    (as of this writing) - 1536 respondents with no real way of preventing duplicate response(s).

    • Clean Room implementation - basically comes back with a higher rating of "Indifference" to it being clean-room.
    • API - Basically SPOUT looks like the higher result when compared to CANARY but actually the no-preference and above says differently, which means one or the other. Furthermore how does one inform the audience of the two API's as both really just point to a github and ask the audience to "grok" what the differences are, its probably an opportunity here to walk folks through what the two choices have to offer to help draw the 62% of folks who have essentially "abstained" from the vote to have their say in a more informed manner?
    • Clean Room implementation (NOT). I've been doing surveys for years with Product Management and I'm still not sure what the question being asked here is. In that Do the respondents don't want a clean-room implementation (even though on the form it says NOTE: Clean-room on here is NOT actually CLEAN-ROOM ?) ...
    • Clean Room implementation (FOR). When you put keywords like "Bukkit API" this will of course get more votes because it's "objection, leading the witness". The authors should have left it as "Glowstone" or come up with different packaging models to seed respondents answers more cleanly. Also throw in decoy answers to help calibrate the responses (MC Server + Canary + LUA API) ..etc.. just to get the audience to separate from uninformed from informed... again goes towards the end-use persona(s) and how they respond.
    • Java. Given most people on this forum write java, not sure the point of that question other than to take a health check (doesn't hurt) but this case here would of been easier to have a $100 spend over languages.. whereby you ask respondents to spend $100 on LUA, JAVA, C++,JavaScript,Other) to see how they'd priorities and vote.
    I'm not attempting to make a case for CanaryMod or other mods, i'm simply scratching my head trying to understand how this plays out. I've recently backed CanaryMod myself because of the DMCA and after sitting down and looking at all of the EXISTING projects this one resembled the practices and behaviours i grew accustomed to with Bukkit API for my own private server mods. So for me moving forward I have no clue what Sponge really is going to be in the near future how mature / solid the code base will be, but i've been in software development 20+ years and managed a lot of powerful brands that some of you are probably using to write code today and my spidey instincts tell me "when its built then assess it's worth, but to "sit back and wait" is probably not going to move the needle in community adoption / energy levels especially in a community downturn such as the one we are in now.
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