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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Charly_ZA, Nov 2, 2012.

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    I want to make a website with a forum for my server. I have tried wordpress and joomla already. I really like XenForo but it's too expensive. Please suggest something like that where it has forums, featured articles and place for more tabs. Thanks a lot
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    Dude thats Xenforo, if you don't want to pay then you are out of luck unless you know some/little web development you can easily make a few tweaks in wordpress like I have at thats wordpress and PhpBB
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    ah, so you didn't use a wordpress plugin for the forums. Are the username colours their ranks? Is there a way to say their rank instead of power level. Do avatars use up a lot of space and what would you limit the size to be?

    oh, and can you use links for avatars? thanks

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    I don't think you should link to cracked servers on these forums.
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    TnT This is in the wrong thread.
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    Moved to the correct forum.
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    Are you kidding me?

    Your demo site is a cookie-cutter Twitter Bootstrap (100% premade and available from with content stripped out and some horrible HTML/CSS alignment thrown in!

    Also, your "fluent" HTML abilities creates 19 errors, and 22 warnings: automatically)&doctype=Inline&group=0

    I'm not trying to bash on you or steal a sale or anything, just giving a "you get what you pay for warning".

    Edit: Your page doesn't even have a <title> tag.
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    I work with a professional web development agency and if you applied for a job, using the aforementioned as examples of previous work, you'd be out pretty quickly.

    If you want to be taken seriously, make sure your HTML markup validates for the doctype you've specified, learn some basic design concepts (Such as use of white space and if you want to get adventurous - colour psychology) and most important of all, don't use pre-made templates in a misleading way.

    Your use of the keywords meta tag is also irregular, I suggest you do some SEO research.
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    ^^ I have been using GoDaddy SEO and I have been following the steps provided.
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    In addition to the above, you're advertising yourself as "Hex Software LLC" which is completely misleading and I am unable to find any record of this limited liability company - What is your company registration number?
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    Oops my bad :p

    Heres what has happened. Previous version of Minecraft Adverts used Bootstrap. I used Bootstrap even for the 404 error and it cant find the bootstrap stylsheet. But also are you saying that I am cheating using bootstrap? These guys: have been using it for quite a while and have been making hundreds of dollars a week, and are one of the biggest Minecraft Server Lists out there.

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    I don't see what's wrong with using bootstrap? It's a great foundation and works very well for a lot of people. It's not stealing code either, it's reusing code (css) to be more efficient and allow users to quickly build a very nice looking website. Someone should lock this thread.
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    Selling it is weird. You get it for free, throw some basic HTML at it, and sell it? Nah.
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    Charlie if your ok with waiting etc I own Minepress a free Wordpress modpack specific to Minecraft... I have a few plugins written etc but you'd need to make your own theme :3
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    People get tools to build programs for free all the time. If you put time into it there's nothing wrong with selling it. You might as well start bashing people using high-level languages, free text editors, etc.
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    You can get MyBB, after installation, in root there will be portal.php. Use this instead of WordPress for announcements. Remember MyBB has a lot of spam bots associated if you don't install the right security plugins. I recommend IPBoard however it's expensive. If you require help feel free to message me. I'm happy to give you advice and so on.
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    Wrote my site from scratch using note pad with my Mother, nice family project :p :p :) Just a simple PHP site but I think it's pretty effective :p My forums are a different story. I use IP.Boards. Their software is worth the $$ for the license :p
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    I wish I had enough extra cash for ip boards or xenforo. Will I be able to add items to the navigation bar in mybb for things like dynmap and mcmmo leaderboard? If not what would you guys recommend? Is mybb less secure than other forums? Thanks for all the help guys :)
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    As I said, PM me and I'll do my best to help you. I can help you set your forums for free, there's no problem with that. MyBB is secure, however spam bots often come and spam the hell out of your forums, so you'll need a good security plugin for registering.

    On the other hand, I always could go for writing my own forums, and sharing it with you.
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    Thanks a lot man :) Do you think it's a good idea to use WordPress for things like mcstats leader board, ban manager and dynmap create a menu item for the forums?
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    No, I would stick to one software, less hassle. If you integrate those plugins (minecraft server) with MySQL Database, I can always write scripts for you to display data.
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    Okay well bringing this back on track.

    You really do get what you pay for with regards to forum software. Some of the cheaper alternatives are okay, they do the job but they don't do it anywhere near as well as Xenforo. You can't really explain why it is better until you've run a community using it for a long time, it is easily worth the initial investment of money and I'd urge anyone looking to create a website with a community aspect to strongly consider finding the extra capital to fund it.

    We use Xenforo with a wordpress front end with a bridge between the two. You really can do a great deal with Wordpress if you know what you're doing, it's easy to work with, free and there's a hell of alot of support out there that you can learn from.

    Take a look what we've managed to do with ours: (Also we use bootstrap, there's nothing wrong with bootstrap for websites, its easy to use if you don't have alot of time to develop everything yourself although selling it on and claiming it as your own work is pretty dishonourable):
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    Wow, that's really nice iScottien How would users be able to verify their minecraft account?
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    This thread is completely ridiculous. I've cleaned it up and locked it. You are not permitted to sell things, promote piracy or stealing, or troll on these forums. Also, MCxJB, people don't "spy" on HTML code; it's public.
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