Good alternate to essentials chat?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Novustorious, Feb 22, 2014.

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    Just to point out, I'm using GroupManager for my permissions and I tried iChat, SupaChat, MChat but it seems to not work. My problem is, the prefix color such as red would not appear on the chat. My name won't be red, it would only be white. I found out if I put Essentials and EssentialsChat, the color pops up however, I recently switched to CommandBook.

    Is there another good alternate chat plugin that works good with GroupManager? I don't want any local chat or channels, just a chat that's public.
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    Iroh Retired Staff

    Essentials chat works fine with group manager, lets try and fix things before moving to a new plugin.
    Can we see the startup log?
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    Iroh Doesn't essentials need essentials chat?. I don't mind having Essentials but I don't like using it anymore. I thought of switching back to CommandBook but I don't know how to configure the chat.

    Iroh Ah never mind. I fixed my problem. I just had to add a chat plugin called bChatManager which made my color and prefix work.

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