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    Plugin category: Misc. , Economy

    Suggested name: GoldPrice+

    What I want: The goldprice+ plugin will have the option to buy and sell gold based on the demand of the gold.. So it would hook into the economy and however much money is in the economy the gold price would rise and fall. This would help many server by giving their economies a new aspect. And there would be 3 different signs a sell gold sign .. a buy gold sign and a sign that tells you the current gold price

    Ideas for commands: /goldsign create , /goldsignremove , idk something like that to create the signs you sell the gold to.

    Ideas for permissions: goldplus.sell goldpluss.signcreate

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    cnniillaa Hey, cnniillaa, I know you! I'll see what I can do with this, and Skype me your new server IP.

    Alright, it is mostly finished, what would you like the rate of gold to total econ to be?

    i.e one cent per dollar.

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    What do you mean by the 1 cent per dollar
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    cnniillaa I mean like it would count the total online money, and per dollar in that total, it would add a cent to the gold's worth.
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    OK awesome everyone dollar we want will add one cent :) That would be awesome :D

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