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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Iroh, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Hey all not trying to start a permissions flame war just looking for some objective advice. What, from a user standpoint (plugin dependencies and what not), is the different between the two? I have found no difference.
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    they handle much differently.
    PEX dumps all to a single file, trys to add regex and SQL support, but is unstable, will break on mods and on new versions often, and has low user support.

    GM, aside from splitting permissions.yml to groups and users, also allows you to have them per world, or several use one file, or any way youd like. focuses more on user support and stability, keeps backups and error log, youd find it hard to have a YML error which GM doesnt have a message for.
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    What do you mean by "Dumps all to a single file" Also it works fine for tekkit which is a mod.
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    all data is on a single file, permissions.yml.

    also, tekkit classic works much better with bukkit than new forge for 1.4.x+ mods, seen reports of PEX breaking on most.
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    Ah PeX works fine with my 3.1.3 tekkit server. Are there plugins that work only with one and not the other?
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    most plugins should use proper superperms, so should work with both.
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    Then again, there's the PEX- and GM-helper plugins.. :p
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    I'm not sure if GM has any option to use SQL, but PEX has and it can be useful, but when I tried via SQL i got tons of errors and I ended up just using the normal permissions file.
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    I use PEX with MySQL without any errors.
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    Yeah, but GM has no MySQL support, meaning no persistent stats... That sucks.
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