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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Gift Box

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that's basically:
    but that is updated with the ability to add damage values and enchantments to items. So basically you break a special gift box (textured playerhead) that drops a random gift. The plugin mentioned above only allows you to have the items dropped a base ID item, like a diamond or stone sword. You can't add damage values (So no potions or super gold apples) and you can't add enchantments. I believe the plugin is essentially abandoned because the owner of it has not replied to any comments or my PM's.

    Ideas for commands:
    /gift (player) (# of giftboxes) gives the player a specified amount of giftboxes
    /giftall (#) All online players get X amount of giftboxes
    /giftbox reload Reloads the plugin

    Ideas for permissions: Ability to use the gift box commands mentioned above, doesn't really matter as long as ops can do it by defualt.

    When I'd like it by: Within a week would be fantastic.
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    I'm working on it :)
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    Flybelette Okay, any idea when it will be finished?
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    You can check out my plugins. *(SurpriseEggs for multiply rewards and LootCrates for one item per crate/giftbox)
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    Know anybody with a gift box skin?
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    izarooni Yes my alternate account "Cheif2424" he might not have it on now but I can put it on him.
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    In the list of items the box is to drop, do you want it to drop every item and have a chance to not drop some of them or select a random one and have a chance to not drop it?
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    izarooni I would like to make a list of items (with enchantments etc) and then is it possible for there to be a config option where like I can change the minimum and maximum amount of items to drop so it could be anywhere from like 2 - 5 for example
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Tell me if there's something wrong or you want something added/removed/changed
    The permission to use the following commands is giftbox.commands
    * /giftbox

    - * /giftbox reload - Reloads the config
    - /gift
    * /gift <player> <amount> - Specifying the amount is optional, it's default amount is 1
    - /giftall
    * /giftall <amount> - Again, amount is optional. It's default amount is 1
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    izarooni Sounds good, will test it out. Thanks.
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    izarooni Okay so I have it on my server and the config.yml loaded and everything and the plugin shows up when I type /pl, but none of the commands work. I am op and when I type a command nothing happens, it doesn't say "Unknown Command" or anything. I even gave myself - giftbox.commands but nothing works.

    EDIT: Sorry for the late reply, had some computer issues.
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    Uhm. That's weird. I just re-downlaoded it and it seems to work fine using 1.7.9. I forgot to make the drop get removed once the head is broken which is now fixed from the link above.
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    izarooni VERY sorry for the delayed response, my server crashed and my host did not respond to fix it so I had to purchase another server from a different provider and was only able to test it right now. And it works! Thank you.
    I have 1 request though, can you add another section in the config that allows me to edit the display name and lore of the giftboxes themselves? So they don't just show up as "head" in people's inventory.
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    Added, download from same link above.
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    izarooni Okay there's an issue. It only works on my test server. So basically, I had a test server that the plugin did not work on. It crashed and so I upgraded to a different host with a new test server that the plugin DOES work on. Now, when I'm trying to move it over to my real server it does not work. The plugin is installed but if I type a command /giftall or /giftbox reload nothing happens. Nothing shows up in the console, nothing shows up in chat it simply does not work. I had a friend install the plugin on his server and he tried it with Essentials, and then tried it with no other plugins. It did not work. I am running the exact same .jar on my main and my test server, and I do not believe there are any plugins conflicting with it on the main server but here is some info: (Both servers are using 1.7.9)

    Main Factions Server (Plugin does not work)


    AutoAnnouncerGlobal announcements every few minutes.Release
    ChatAlertPlugin which enhances the chat with tagging system.Release
    ClearLagClear your lagg!Release
    CustomServerMessagesWith csm you can redefine the default Bukkit/Minecraft-server me...Release
    EnjinMinecraftPluginA plugin which allows the enjin servers to communicate with your...Release
    FBasicsFixes various bugs / flaws within Factions servers.Release
    GAListenerExecute Commands on Votifier EventsRelease
    NoCheatPlusDetect and fight the exploitation of various flaws/bugs in Minec...Release
    SilkSpawnerspick up and move monster spawners using silk touchRelease
    VaultVault is a Permissions & Economy API to allow plugins to more ea...Mature
    VotifierA plugin that gets notified when votes are made for the server o...Release
    WhatIsItGets names of stuff.Release
    WorldBorderEfficient, feature-rich plugin for limiting the size of your wor...Mature
    WGCustomFlagsAPI for Bukkit plugin writers that allows you to add custom flag...Release
    WGRegionEffectsWorldGuard extension to let players automatically get a potion e...Release

    Test Server (Heads work)

    EssentialsProvides an essential, core set of commands for Bukkit.Mature
    FunGrenadesThrow some unique and fun grenades!Beta
    KitMasterThe complete short-term kit pluginRelease

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