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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by mcdorli, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Can we have a rule, wich limits the use of GIFs in threads and signatures? I often use the net on my phone to browse the forums, and they simply suck it out unneccesarily.

    I also don't see the, why people put a 1024*1024 GIFs in their signature, when you can obny see 300-400 pixels of it.

    I don't have problem with 1 or 2, but threads like this: are hard to load even on a normal home internet.
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    @mcdorli I think excessive use of gifs is annoying. It would be better to just have a mobile version of this site that limits the gifs viewed. On your PC, I'm pretty sure there is an add-on you can use to block gifs.
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    I'm 100% ok on my pc, I just don't want my phone to die a horrible death when I click on those threads.
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    Works fine on my phone \o/

    - Sent from my not iPhone but OnePlus Two
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    Again, the problem isn't with the lag on a certain thread, the problem is with the bandwidth usage.

    The thread I posted was resolved by timtower sometimes ago.
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