Ghosting or Freezing Lag

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by JRoviraa, Jul 11, 2015.

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    First of all, I don't know if this is the exact section where I should post this.
    Maybe the title is not that self-explanatory, so I am going to explain what I mean when I say ghosting:
    Do you know when someone's connection drops and he gets freezed mid air, and you can kill him?
    Imagine that happening to you, when there's no problem with your connection and it's a server-side issue, you get ghosted for a few seconds, and during that time other players can hit and potientally kill you.
    That's what has happened in a large scale in servers like MCGamer and more, and with no apparent reason, is happening now in the Minecraft network I own.
    I have heard that it could be a traffic or bandwith issue, I got a OVH dedicated server and I think that their port's speed and bandwith is ok.
    Also, I don't have any kind of protection more than the OVH built-in one.
    The only plugin that's on the server is a big PvP plugin that I am working on. RAM or CPU usage arw ok.
    So, does someone know why could happen or how to solve this issue?
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    @JRoviraa If you are using an OVH Dedi it shouldnt be any problem with internet connection.
    Except for the VPS Classic, these ones are not made for Minecraft or any other voice communication software.
    I have used these VPS' and they kicked me an unlimited time. And please if you are using 1.8 can you send me a timings log?
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    @JRoviraa Are you sure the server is the problem? This issue normally happens by the client dropping connection.
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    I am using 1.7, but tps and overall performance seem ok, other than randon players ghosting every now and then

    I know that at the first look this seems a user-side connection problem, but I am 100% sure it's server sided, because:

    1. It happens to almost everyone in the server sooner or later, no matter their connection or pc

    2. It happened to me while I was testing my ping and I got 300mb download 30mb upload connection and around 30 ms of ping

    Also, this happened to MCGamer network and they recognised it was a server issue, it would be great if they shared what was the problem or how to fix it, but this big servers will most do not say anything to help other ppl Jaja

    Edit: also they get freezed but after a few seconds they get like 'reconnected'

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    @JRoviraa Thats a problem that I had with my VPS. Try calling the OVH support, maybe they can help you.
    And another thing if you instal TeamSpeak on it and join it with 3 other members try checking if you get disconnected a lot
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