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    Is there any Plugin that creates a "Fake" player? To be specific: I managed to find one plugin, and only one, that allows Records to loop. However, it only loops if a player is in earshot when it goes to repeat. I tried an NPC from Citizen being closeby, but that didn't do the trick. Any ideas?

    (In case anyone's curius - Trying to have it so a jukebox inside a belltower loops "13", for ambience)

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  2. Hehehe... My plugin?! ;)

    Problem is, even with normal Minecraft server, is that when you're at a place where no records play and move to a chunck (or whatever, don't know excactly how it works) where a record is playing you won't hear the music playing.

    This is a Minecraft thing and I haven't found a way to get this to work right.

    You could try it yourself.
    • Make a (vanilla) Minecraft server
    • Log in with your account and log in with (for example) an offline account (Player)
    • Move one away far enough from the other (preferably an chunk away)
    • Place a jukebox with a record... Ahh nice music.
    • Teleport the other player to the jukebox and he won't be hearing the music
    So. Without client modifications I can't see any solution. I really hope someone could find a way :)
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    Damn. Good to know, thanks! And thanks a ton for the plugin, I've wanted one that does that for ages, your'e a hero :)

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