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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Jaker232, Dec 26, 2011.

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    I have rarely seen people asking how to catch versions or other plugin YAML fields from your plugin. It's just really that simple. I'll teach you how to get the plugin with AN API.

    Step 1 - Download the plugin you want to view
    This is essential.

    Step 2 - Put the .jar in your Build Path
    This will allow your plugin to read from another plugin.

    Step 3 - Make the line to whatever you need
    If you want to catch the other plugin's version, you'll need something to print to. I suggest '"");' or 'player.sendMessage("");'

    Step 4 - The Rest
    Now that we have done basic essential stuff, now we need to type in our plugin's name. For this example, I'll catch the version from PermissionsEx.

    2. PermissionsEx.getPlugin();

    This catches the plugin. Remove the ';' for each code update you do for this step.

    2. PermissionsEx.getPlugin().getDescription();

    Almost done.. Remove the ';' again and type in the next code. DO NOT MAKE NEW LINES.

    2. PermissionsEx.getPlugin().getDescription().getVersion();

    Congrats, you have found your version from a plugin.

    If the plugin DOES NOT HAVE AN API, I advise you to look at @r3Fuze 's post under this post.
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    The .getPlugin() part will only work for plugins where the developer added that method. Another way of doing it is
    1. Bukkit.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("PluginName").getDescription()...
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    Good idea. I will add that as method 2.
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    @Jaker232 - again another critical issue with your 'tutorial'. You can't do this with the majority of plugins. In fact PEX is the only plugin I know of that has a getPlugin method.
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    I highly suggest @r3Fuze 's method being the preferred method.

    Although even then you should be doing some null checking.
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    No, that should not be method two, it should be the only method.
    PluginManager pm = getServer().getPluginManager();
    Plugin p = pm.getPlugin("MyPlugin");
    if (p != null) {
        PluginDescriptionFile pdf = p.getDescription();
        String version = pdf.getVersion();
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