Solved Get the location of a double chest.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by the_merciless, Apr 6, 2013.

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    I'm using a BlockPlaceEvent to track when players place chests. if the chest they place creates a double chest I need to get the location of it. Since the Block placed is a single chest i can not find a way to retrieve it as a DoubleChest. Any ideas?
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    You can get a Chest from a placed chest block, regardless of whether it's a double chest or not. But, if you really need to get the other half of the double chest, check the adjacent blocks' (x + 1, x - 1, z + 1, z - 1) types and compare them to Material.CHEST.
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    My problem is i need to save the location of the DoubleChest, and i dont know what side of the chests location it saves. I can get the location of each single chest but i need to work out which 1 is equal to the location of the double.

    Solved it myself:

        public void PlaceEvent(BlockPlaceEvent e){
            Block block = e.getBlockPlaced();          
            if (block.getState() instanceof Chest){
                Chest chest = (Chest) block.getState();
                InventoryHolder ih = chest.getInventory().getHolder();
                if (ih instanceof DoubleChest){
                    DoubleChest dc = (DoubleChest) ih;
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