Get the item shot from a dispenser that killed a player

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by triarry, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Hi there, I'm attempting to get the item that is shot from a dispenser, and then in turn kills a player. If this item doesn't kill a player, I don't want anything to happen. If it does, I want something to happen

    Rather than set up an arbitrary number of items (potions, arrows) that can kill a player, I want to account for other blocks that, in certain scenarios, might be able to kill players, such as snowballs.

    Thanks in advance!
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    How would snowballs ever kill someone? They don't do damage. Some plugins apply damage when a snowball hits, but that doesn't make the snowball the source of the damage.

    You'll probably just have to use EntityDamageEvent and set up your "arbitrary number of items"
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    Interesting, I assumed that there was a better way to handle items coming out of a dispenser. Will give this a shot and report. Thanks!
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    Try EntityDamageByEntityEvent, check if the entity is a snowball (or whatever) and snowball.getShooter() instanceof Dispenser I believe.
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