Get Splash_Potion type within EntityDamageByEntityEvent

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by boduzapho, Aug 26, 2012.

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    I am able to detect when a player is hit by a splash_potion, however I am trying to find out which one was thrown, to prevent harmful potion from being used on players outside of pvp.

    Its sloppy, but what I have so far is :

    if (event.getDamager().getType().equals(EntityType.SPLASH_POTION))
                            Projectile potion = (ThrownPotion) event.getDamager();                       
                            ThrownPotion potione = (ThrownPotion) event.getDamager();                       
                            attacker = potion.getShooter();
                            Collection<PotionEffect> eff = potione.getEffects();
                            String pot = potion.getType().name();
                            if (attacker instanceof Player)
                                shooter = (Player) attacker;
                                sn = shooter.getDisplayName();
                                Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Not Player");
                                sn = event.getDamager().toString();
                            hsmg = sn + " hit " + player.getDisplayName() + " with a potion(" + pot + "-" + eff.toString() + ") at " + loc.toString();
    What it displayes to me is:

    12:52:45 [INFO] ----------------------------------
    12:52:45 [INFO] DamageCause : MAGIC
    12:52:45 [INFO] EntityDamageByEntityEvent
    12:52:45 [INFO] Land :freebuild
    12:52:45 [INFO] BODUZAPHO hit modemqueen with a potion(SPLASH_POTION-[org.bukkit
    [email protected]]) at Location{world=CraftWorld{name=world},x=-154.300000
    12:52:45 [INFO] ----------------------------------

    This part: SPLASH_POTION-[[email protected]] is coming from "eff.toString()"

    Not sure if the 26 is a reference I have not seen any look up tables or int references to the types.

    Any help is appreciated,
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  3. In every class the toString() method, if not overwritten to return a user friendly string, will return by default "[email protected]"... but that class changes the toString() but only to add the potion type prefix.
    Anyway, the '26' is the hashcode, you don't need it :p

    .getType() returns an enum, so it can be compared with == ... it's also faster.
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    Thanks for the info, however I still have not figured out hot to identify the type of splash potion that was thrown.
  5. The effects lists contains all the effects of that potion, you can't get a single type because it can contain many.

    You need to loop through that and if you find any harmful stuff you should cancel the event (and break the loop ofc).
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