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    I have a donation system where a player still ranks up through the normal ranks with a donator rank, but their donator commands just go on top of their "base rank". My base ranks are Member, Trusted, Veteran and Elite, and my donator commands are VIP, Premium and Executive. So, if a player with the Veteran rank bought Premium, they'd be set to the VeteranPremium rank, and could still be ranked up to ElitePremium. From the start of the year up to now, our donation process hasn't been automated, so when I receive an email notifying me of a donation I'd promote the user.

    I recently set up a BuyCraft webstore however, and I've taken advantage of its automatic donation system. However, it cannot detect which rank the player is, therefore, at the moment, it sets all donators to Member[donator rank] until I manually promote them to [base rank][donator rank].

    A plugin for this might already exist (if it does a link would be greatly appreciated), but it'd be great to have a plugin that'll detect which rank someone is, therefore allowing me to use "/pex user [player] group set [rank][donator rank]" with BuyCraft, so players aren't stuck with a lower base rank for a few hours.

    Thanks in advance! :D

    I'm just contemplating if this would work with PeX ladders. Hmm.

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