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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Lukiwoki, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Plugin category: PvP, get items when you hit people

    Suggested name: DropItemsOnHit? Idk.. :p

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that can do so, when i hit a player he drop something (I think about gold nuggets or something like that) But i don't want it to be everytime you hit someone, maybe every 4th time or something like that ^-^
    If possible, i'll love to see a config where i could control what it should drop and how much of it. Side note, you shall only be able to get gold from people if you hit them in PvP Areas, they shall not drop it when they're in Non-PvP

    Ideas for commands: A disbaled enabled command could be perfect.

    Ideas for permissions: hit.drop or? Idk...

    When I'd like it by: Fastest as possible ^-^

    Thank you for reading this! I really hope someone can make this ^-^
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    Commands: /DropItemOnHit or /DIOH - Toggles the plugin.

    Permissions: hit.drop - Give this to the player who attacks so he can make the other ones drop gold.
    DropItemsOnHit.toggle - Toggle on or off itemdropping.

    Config: Values explained there. Configurable item and amount. Don't touch state unless you understand it.

    Info: Every 4th hit will make items drop.

    Questions? Ask me!
    Problems? Let me know!

    Have Fun!
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    Thanks! But...

    When i am in Non-PvP and someone hit someone, they still get gold.
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    Overread that part. Nevermind - I fixed it, the plugin requires WorldEdit and Worldguard now though.
    Players in creative mode or players who are protected by worldguard regions will no longer drop items when hit.
    Everything else remained the same as before.
    Download above, same link and have fun.
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    Thanks alot, but in the config, i can't edit the Amount i get, it only gives 5 no matter what?.. :/
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    Are you stopping the server while editing the config?

    Edit: Its working fine for me
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    Oh, Thanks! ^-^
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