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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MCMastery, Jul 2, 2016.

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    I am working on a server where worlds are generated frequently, including amplified worlds. Whenever it does this, the server of course lags and players often time out.

    I was thinking of running a separate server where players are not allowed on, and the world would be generated on that server. Then the world folder would be copied to the actual server.

    Is this too crazy; are the better alternatives?
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    OTF Catastrophe

    To be completely honest it would really depend on how many GB's of ram your server has dedicated to it and the amount of players you're letting play on there. Amplified worlds of course take up a lot more space and time to generate as the generation of amplified worlds are very resource dependent.

    There's a variety of lag reducing plugins you could try, for instance you could add in:
    - ClearLagg
    - NoLagg
    - LaggRemover
    (The creators all apparently prefer using the world Lagg instead of Lag aha.)

    But other than that there isn't really a plugin that could slow down or make the world generation progress resource friendly without having some type of errors such as false blocks or corrupted chunks.

    However if any one knows a plugin that can do this feel free to ignore my comment aha. :)
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    @MCMastery Your idea seems to be the best. Or a "cheaper" solution would be use some sort of world generation tool.

    Or to keep things on one server, you could try to create the world (using NMS) in a new, async thread. But you have to change (maybe through overriding?) quite a few things...

    @OTF Catastrophe Generating a new world will always cause some lag. No matter how much RAM you allocate.

    And these "anti lag" plugins mostly kill entities (e.g. items) after some time, group itemstacks, limit explosions.
    They do not change any world generation algs.
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