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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Chlaudi, Dec 25, 2014.

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    I haven't re-made my server for a while, I was not keeping up with modern Bukkit posts. I know that Craftbukkit was shut down or something? It took a while for me to get Craftbukkit 1.8, but now that it's there I go on the server and my general commands aren't working, such as /gamemode and /help. They don't work on console or in-game. However, my plugin commands work fine. Any help is nicely appreciated.

    PS: I installed the latest Essentials ( I believe latest) from Curse, and it came with something new I think called EssentialsProtect, I haven't seen it before. It said it was in emergency mode? I wasn't familiar with it so I deleted it in thought of this being the source of the gamemode commands not working. And it still didn't work.
    Also, when I say commands aren't working, let me sum it up quickly.
    I type /gamemode Chlaudi 1
    No response.
    I type /sdfgdfhgkdkldf (random command that doesn't exist)
    Response: Unknown command, type /help for a list of commands.
    I type /help
    No response.
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    Sorry, but we can't help you here. Unfortunately bukkit hasn't released 1.8 so that is a custom build. The reason why Essentials was in emergency because it can't detect the build type.
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    Oh. I found it from a Spigot website, any idea if there WILL be a Craftbukkit 1.8?
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    I doubt it. Knowing that the craftbukkit builds have been abandoned, it's likely that it will never be continued, as they can not use any code that belongs to it.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    They're gonna file a law suit against Wesley Wolf (Aka the guy who shutdown bukkit) so they might continue, but that may be awhile. One thing you can do is update it yourself and if you need help with that I can assist you.

    Skype: cmz1675
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    @Chlaudi @metmad22 @cmz1675 Spigot has released their own 1.8 builds, and have updated essentials and a few other plugins to their version. Bukkit will not make a 1.8 version, and most likely never will.
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    Spigot is going on the same path as bukkit. Spigot is just bukkit except it has a custom lag jar for it.
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    I'm relatively 'new' as to coming back to managing a minecraft server.... spigot is new to me.. so, with running version 1.8, does that mean no bukkit commands will work? or, just that assistance can not be provided to the problem?
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    The root problem is that essentials has it's own versions of the minecraft commands.

    So you can specify what to use in Commands.yml or you can use a prefix to say which version of command you want to use.

    For example:
    /minecraft:gamemode 1
    /minecraft:xp 250 @p
    /essentials:give @a[r=9] 388 1
    Example of commands.yml (copied from my live server right now)
    Show Spoiler

    # This is the commands configuration file for Bukkit.
    # For documentation on how to make use of this file, check out the Bukkit Wiki at
    # If you need help on this file, feel free to join us on irc or leave a message
    # on the forums asking for advice.
    # IRC: #spigot @
    #  (If this means nothing to you, just go to )
    # Forums:
    # Bug tracker:
    - achievement
    - ban
    - ip
    - banlist
    - blockdata
    - clear
    - clone
    - deop
    - effect
    - enchant
    - entitydata
    - execute
    - fill
    - gamemode
    - gamerule
    - give
    - kill
    - me
    - op
    - particle
    - playsound
    - replaceitem
    - say
    - scoreboard
    - setblock
    - spawnpoint
    - stats
    - summon
    - tell
    - tellraw
    - testfor
    - testforblock
    - testforblocks
    - title
    - toggledownfall
    - tp
    - trigger
    - weather
    - worldborder
    - xp
      - version $1-
      - give $$1 minecraft:dirt
      - say Gave dirt to $$1

    After settng this up, you might use these
    /xp 250 @p
    /essentials:give @a[r=9] 388 1
    (these are copied from my command blocks that work right now)

    Because, you've specified the default "xp" and "give" are the minecraft versions but you want to use the essentials version of the "give" command for this particular command block.

    Note the execute command doesn't support the prefix so you'll need to put anything you want to "execute" into the commands.yml override section.

    I'm pretty sure for bukkit commands "/bukkit:" will work but I haven't tested this yet.
    And I think you can use the alias section to define commands.
      - bukkit:give $$1 minecraft:dirt
      - say Gave dirt to $$1
    As far as spigot vs bukkit, spigot has performance enhancements that change the way some things behave (like hopper clocks- meh!) . I hear the spigot version of bukkit 1.8 has similar performance to the spigot version of spigot 1.8. Really view distance and entitities per tick swamp the rest.
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