Inactive [GEN] SpawnControl v0.8.3 - Per-Player/Group Spawns (Now on DevBukkit) [1060]

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    SpawnControl v0.8.3

    SpawnControl is being superseded by HomeSpawnPlus, a more advanced plugin that supports all of SC's features, and many more. Your homes and spawns can be imported directly from SpawnControl into HomeSpawnPlus.
    Feel free to contact me with questions/concerns/complaints.

    Tested with CraftBukkit 1060.

    DevBukkit Page: SpawnControl
    Bug Reports: SpawnControl Issue Tracker

    • Per-player /home and /sethome
    • Per-group /groupspawn
    • Precise /spawn and /setspawn override
    • Per-world global, group, and player spawns
    • [NEW] Cooldowns for /home, /sethome, /groupspawn, and /spawn
    • Optional respawn on death
    • Optional respawn on join
    • Toggles for home, groupspawn, and globalspawn features
    • Imports player homes from
    • Imports group spawns from

    This is a more full-featured release by far. Group spawns and global spawn are now supported. I'm detecting 'new' players (for global spawn) by checking their group (new players will be in Default) and looking for an existing home entry. If no home entry is found, the player will be teleported to the global spawn and their home will be set to the global spawn location. If someone has a better method for detecting this, I'd love to hear it.

    The following permissions are available:
    • SpawnControl.sethome.basic
    • SpawnControl.sethome.proxy
    • SpawnControl.home.basic
    • SpawnControl.spawn.use
    • SpawnControl.spawn.set
    • SpawnControl.groupspawn.use
    • SpawnControl.groupspawn.set
    • SpawnControl.CooldownExempt.* (Sub-nodes: *, home, sethome, groupspawn, spawn)
    • SpawnControl.config (for /sc_config [setting] [value])
    • SpawnControl.import (for /scimportconfig and /scimportgroupconfig)
    1. Download SpawnControl.jar and place it in your bukkit plugins folder
    Optional Installation Steps (for Permissions support):
    1. Download the Permissions plugin and install it
    2. Add SpawnControl entries to your Permissions config as desired
    • /spawn - go to global spawn
    • /setspawn - set the global spawn to your current location
    • /home - go home
    • /sethome - set your home to your current location
    • /groupspawn - go to your group spawn
    • /setgroupspawn [group] - set the group spawn for the specified group to your current location
    • /sc_config [setting] [value] - alter a configuration setting
    • enable_home - Enables or disables /home and /sethome (0 = disabled; 1 = enabled) [Default: 1]
    • enable_groupspawn - Enables or disables /setgroupspawn and /groupspawn (0 = disabled; 1= enabled) [Default: 1]
    • enable_globalspawn - Enables or disables /setspawn, /spawn, and /globalspawn (0 = disabled; 1 = enabled) [Default: 1]
    • behavior_death - Specifies the behavior when a player dies (0 = disabled - user returns to vanilla spawn; 1 = home; 2 = group spawn; 3 = global spawn) [Default: 3]
    • behavior_join - Specifies the behavior when a player joins the server (0 = disabled - user spawns at last position; 1 = home; 2 = group spawn; 3 = global spawn) [Default: 0]
    • behavior_spawn - Specifies the behavior of the /spawn command (0 = global spawn; 1 = group spawn; 2 = home)
    • behavior_globalspawn - EXPERIMENTAL - Specifies the behavior when setting spawn (0 = does not override map spawn, 1 = overrides map spawn)
    • cooldown_home [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /home command
    • cooldown_sethome [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /sethome command
    • cooldown_groupspawn [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /groupspawn command
    • cooldown_spawn [seconds] - Sets a cooldown in seconds for the /spawn and /globalspawn commands

    Known Issues:

    • None?

    • 0.1 - First Bukkit release. Basic /home and /sethome support
    • 0.2 - Group and global spawns, Permissions integration
    • 0.3 - Working respawn on death; respawn on join (optional); configuration options
    • 0.4 - Updated to use new OnCommand system
    • 0.5 - Now uses PLAYER_RESPAWN; added basic multiworld support; added experimental (optional) globalspawn behavior; added missing /globalspawn command
    • 0.6 - Proper multi-world support with per-world spawns
    • 0.7 - Added command cooldowns; Permissions is now optional
    • 0.8 - Fixed multiworld spawns; recompiled against CB #617; removed deprecated method calls
    • 0.8.1 - Updated deprecated world loading method; tweaked spawn log message
    • 0.8.2 - Switched cooldown time handling from server time to system time
    • 0.8.3 - Added Hidendra's pull to support Bukkit's native permissions
    • Full changelog
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    So you did place the SQlite in the root dir of your server were craftbukkit and bukkit.jar are located and you did use the permissions system ?.

    hmm have you redownloaded this plugin in case you have an older version.
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    I did place it where my craftbukkit jar is, and i did use the permissions system, i have not redownloaded the plugin, but we'll try that just for the heck of it


    After reinstalling, i no longer get SQL errors when i use /home set and /home however, they simply do not work..

    **Edit #2**

    I Lied, /setspawn throws this error.

    2011-01-28 02:19:56 [INFO] [SpawnControl] Attempting to set global spawn.
    DB ERROR - SQL logic error or missing database

    same with /sethome
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    What OS are you on?
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    Win7 x64, this is the last plugin i need for my server, and the only one giving me issues lol
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    Confirmed that this does not work.

    Linux redhat
    mysql3 jar in the craftbukkit directory
    db file exists, has two tables created, but both empty.
    /setspawn does not work. /sethome does not work.
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    Can you upload your spawncontrol.db file for me to look at?
    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 9:30 AM ---
    Can you upload your spawncontrol.db file for me to look at?
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    i always get this error :

    my system:
    bukkit build: 126
    Spawncontrol Newest
    Permissions 1.9
    my configuration:
    what to do now????
    i found the problem it was permissions. I deleted it and now it works ^^
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    I'm also on Win 7 x64 and I'm having the same problem. I followed the instructions, am using the latest copies of the plugin as far as I can tell, and I tried the workaround to no avail.

    Here is a copy of my db file if it helps further debug the issue:

    Attached Files:

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    Is it possible to disable the other functions, such as /home /sethome? basically I only want
    the global spawn precision from this mod. There are numerous other mods out there that contain the other stuff already.
    Which I am already using.

    If not, could you possibly release a bare bones precise spawn plugin? There does not seem to be anything fitting that description on these forums.

    If I'm wrong and or blind, a link would be very much appreciated :)
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    Running centOS and getting the DB Error :)

    Going to high-five you when you fix it. Absolutely loved this plugin for hey0
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    I'll add this functionality as soon as I can get these DB errors taken care of.
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    I cant get it to work at all

    i set the group and global spawns. I try to use it the console says:

    2011-01-29 03:11:09 [INFO] [SpawnControl] Attempting to send player Macus17 to group spawn.
    2011-01-29 03:11:15 [INFO] [SpawnControl] Attempting to send player Macus17 to spawn.

    but I dont go anywhere
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    I still get
    2011-01-29 11:18:15 [INFO] [SpawnControl] Attempting to set global spawn.
    DB ERROR - SQL logic error or missing database
    after saying /sethome. What's the error?
    THe spawncontrol.db has chmod 777!
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    Updated! v0.2.3 adds some additional SQL debugging info that may help diagnose the Linux/Windows 7 x64 issues. Also fixes the bug with the initial global spawn (should eliminate the "database locked" issue).

    For anyone having DB issues, please update to 0.2.3 and let me know what the error messages say.
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    [getGroupData] DB ERROR - SQL logic error or missing database | SQLState: null | Error Code: 0
    2011-01-29 12:02:47 [INFO] [SpawnControl]: No global spawn found, setting global spawn to world spawn.
    [setGroupSpawn] DB ERROR - database is locked | SQLState: null | Error Code: 0
    2011-01-29 12:02:50 [INFO] [SpawnControl] version [0.2.3] loaded
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 12:54 PM ---
    I've got a big bug:
    I activate the plugin, I can't enter the server till I started the server once without the plugin in offline mode and then in online mode!
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    sry for being a totall noob here but how do i install The SQLiteJDBC library? seems to just be a bunch of jar files not really sure where to put them
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    2011-01-29 22:19:04 [INFO] [General] version [2.0] (Mafia) loaded
    2011-01-29 22:19:04 [INFO] [Permissions] version [1.9] (Handler) loaded
    [getGroupData] DB ERROR - SQL logic error or missing database | SQLState: null | Error Code: 0
    2011-01-29 22:19:04 [INFO] [SpawnControl]: No global spawn found, setting global spawn to world spawn.
    [setGroupSpawn] DB ERROR - database is locked | SQLState: null | Error Code: 0
    2011-01-29 22:19:07 [INFO] [SpawnControl] version [0.2.3] loaded

    I get these errors on load :)
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    Uhm, just put it in the server's root directory.

    Me too. :/
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    Wow, the SQLiteJDBC driver is about as unhelpful as it could be.
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    I'm having the 'SQL logic error or missing database' error as we speak, Ubuntu 10.10, latest build of Craftbukkit, Permissions and SpawnControl.

    spawncontrol.db attached

    Attached Files:

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    Update! Possible db error fix. Download the .jar file (not the zip) from the OP and give it a go. Version number has not updated.
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    Working perfectly now. Thanks :)
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    That's the best news I've had all week.
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 11:05 PM ---
    Anyone else having luck with this version?

    HUGE thanks @matejdro for the SQLite fix.
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    the database isn't throwing any errors when it starts now but when I type '/setspawn' I get

    2011-01-29 15:21:19 [Info] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Goldman60: /setspawn
    Jan 29, 2011 3:21:19 PM org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager callEvent
    SEVERE: Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND to SpawnControl
    before I just updated SpawnControl I would get an error from SpawnControl in game not a console error from Bukkit
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    What CraftBukkit version are you on?
    Can you upload your spawncontrol.db file?
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    Attached Files:

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    Hmm set this up with permissions finally and set the global spawn.

    Half an hour later some kid spawned on a fence like 6 blocks away from where I set it.
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    Was it a new player (not in a group, had not been on since SpawnControl was installed)?
    --- merged: Jan 30, 2011 12:12 AM ---
    The db file looks ok. I've only tested up through CraftBukkit 162, however. I suggest downloaded that and giving it a try. That will tell me if it's a general bug or an issue with the newer CB.
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    Using craftbukkit 162, I cannot use this plugin.

    [getGroupData] DB ERROR - SQL logic error or missing database | SQLState: null | Error Code: 0
    2011-01-29 19:13:25 [INFO] [SpawnControl]: No global spawn found, setting global spawn to world spawn.
    [setGroupSpawn] DB ERROR - database is locked | SQLState: null | Error Code: 0
    2011-01-29 19:13:28 [INFO] [SpawnControl] version [0.2.3] loaded

    *edit* nm got it working, the .zip download is out of date but downloading the .jar works :)

    Keep up the good work

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