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    SimpleSort is a simple plugin which allows players to sort the items in their inventories and chests by the item IDs. It was created as a continuation of VeraLapsa's Inventory Sort plugin, and it's the first plugin made by the Flying Lawnmower Development Team (Shadow1013GL, Pyr0Byt3, and pendo324), so let us know if you find any bugs xD

    Bukkit Dev:

    Download (v1.3)


    • /sort [top] - Sorts top part of the player's inventory.
    • /sort all - Sorts all of the player's inventory.
    • /sort hot - Sorts the player's hotbar.
    • simplesort.*- Allows the player to sort chests and their inventory.
      • simplesort.chest - Allows the player to sort chests by hitting them the wand (Stick by default).
      • simplesort.inventory - Allows the player to sort their inventory.

    • Version 1.4 The /sort command can now be used to sort chests. Added stack-all option in config which stacks all items up to 64 when sorting.
    • Version 1.3 — Fixed a dupe bug.
    • Version 1.2 — Fixed Permissions problem.
    • Version 1.1 — Removed World Edit dependency and changed sorting order slightly.
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    You have any idea why this thread is showing up as null when I search for it using the plugin search?
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    Seems like a cool plugins for lazy people (me :D) I'm putting this on my server right away!

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