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    I'm having an issue with the motd. My default players group don't see it and can't access the command even with the right permissions set. Same goes for the item kits. Anyone ?
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    Ability for essentials chat to use the global users instead of world files please.

    I'm keeping all my users in global users and going to not adding groups to world files also so I want the global users groups and prefixes shown.
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    That's WorldGuard, not essentials.
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    I asked this before and am still interested in an answer. I have no test server and before i can switch to the new bukkit version i have to know if i can use permissions 3.1.4
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    How do I block users from using the signs?
  6. Just to follow up my own issues: If I use the previous version of essentials (2.2.16), I have no issues. I can use /world to jump around to the multiworlds just as I could before. If I update to newest Essentials, I lose that ability, even changing nothing else.

    Am I really the only person who used /world to get around and now it's not working for?
  7. hi guys, please help

    this error

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    Bug Report:
    /tppos is 1 off in the nether on the X axis, you need to tp to (-1,Y,0) to get on (0,Y,0)

    Bukkit and Plugin Versions:
    - Craftbukkit build 818
    - Essentials 2.1

    Steps to reproduce:
    • /tppos 0 100 0
    • /getpos
    • go to the nether
    • /tppos 0 100 0
    • /getpos
    • /tppos -1 100 0
    • /getpos
    Expected Result:
    /getpos reporting (0,Y,0)
    /getpos reporting (0,Y,0)
    /getpos reporting (-1,Y,0)

    Actual Result:
    /getpos reporting (0,Y,0)
    /getpos reporting (1,Y,0)
    /getpos reporting (0,Y,0)
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    I'm on the newest essentials when I spawn first time it takes me to a radius of the spawn point set in the spawn file not a precise spawn point.

    I'm trying to set multiverse mainly and essentials overrides that plugin on first spawn.

    Also I cant get a precise first spawn for some reason.

    My main server on 2.2 as long I don't have a essentials player file I spawn perfect if I do and no user file I randomly spawn around.

    I'm pretty sure I need essentials.spawn for a perfect spawn first login.
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    I updated our server to 1.6 (818) yesterday. As I realized today, every permission-related plugin changed to some kind of private oO
    When I ... create a sign -> private; ... create a chest -> private (I use LWC); ... create an elevator (using plugin Elevators 1.4.3) -> private. At first I thought I changed something wrong at LWC, but as I didn't update Elevators and it got privated now too, I think it may be GroupManager.

    Has somebody an idea/solution? Thanks :)
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    What's the permission for /give or /item? Cuz I can't get them work properly
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    Sorry but the french translation is very bad : "Tué (Pseudo)" > "(Pseudo) a été tué", "mode dieu activé" > "Mode Dieu activé", ...
    How can I replace this translation in my plugin ?
    Their is a typing error too : "Invnetaire de (Pseudo) nettoyé" > "Inventaire de (Pseudo) nettoyé"

    (sorry for my english, I'm french)
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    Just found a major exploit that should be patched quickly.

    A player is able to use a [Buy] sign to severely lag a server and crash the clients of nearby players by making a [Buy] sign and setting quantity to 9999. I just had a incedent on the server where a admin was creating a joke sign where you'd get 9999 cake for $1 with the sign... he wanted to just fill the inventory, he thought that extra items would just be deleted.

    But, alas, a player came up and clicked it, and the sign spewed 10,000 cakes on the floor, crashing the clients of everybody in the chunk and severely lagging the server. It took me 15 minutes to overclock my gaming computer to an extent that it could render 10,000 cakes at something over 1 frame per minute, where I gave myself some fire and burned the cake.

    I know, only trusted admins should have the power to make a infinite [Buy] sign like that, but if admin makes a typo, its game over for everybody on the server until the problem is dealt with.

    Perhaps adding a configurable max # for [buy] signs?

    [I know, team doesnt keep track of this thread, but filing the same body into a assembla ticket now... posted here as a warning for other users]
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    Hey I keep getting this error- Caused by: while scanning an anchor
    in "<reader>", line 166, column 15:
    prefix: '&e[&3Mod&e]&3 '

    the "/" is the exact same thing below except its there instead of under the "&". So can you please help. I have been trying for over 3 hours.
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    Is there a way to disable the essentials server shop system? I'd rather use a different plugin and this one is over-riding bettershop.
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    @InsanitysMuse: Get Multiverse, we had a feature that loaded other worlds for a short time, but it ignored, if it was a normal world or a nether world. We might add multi world loading support in the future again.
    @KayoticSully: Planned, but not possible yet.
    @tomgsx: Try CraftBukkit 819
    @BladeTec: Permission: essentials.motd
    @cherryghost: Permission essentials.signs.[signname].use
    @vejbuch: Known iConomy bug, read first post
    @alexanderpas: Thanks for the report, we will check it
    @Kruemelkatze: No idea what you mean.
    @Nelo: http://www.getlocalization.com/essentials/
    @acetech09: We will limit it.
    @iBstoneyDave: Remove the commands from plugin.yml inside Essentials.jar
    @anyone who asks about Permissions 3: It will be supported in the next release, no ETA on that one.
    @anyone that I did not answer: Join our IRC channel to get support on your problem.
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    It would be great if you added in essentials spawn multi world support and do essential have multi world support so players can teleport to others world if not add that too plz.
  18. Ok, thanks for the response, I'll look into Multiverse again. Don't wan't to have ghasts popping into my normal world or anything crazy like that >.>

    If it counts, I would love to see that simple feature added back in :)
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    Now, I have 'essentials.item' or 'essentials.give' but they just don't work...
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    i have problem when someone place water from bucket water vanish when i delete essentials it is normal
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    Here is a few features I want to see from essentials.

    Ability to disable cross world tp access so they that people can tp only to people in there current world.

    Ability to activate/deactivate essentials nodes automatically on world change. So if they have tp toggled off as soon as they go to another world it gets turned back on again, same with GOD command also and other toggable commands.

    I know you are probably tired of permissions 3 stuff I mentioned this earlier I think dunno if it was read these are just some things im kinda needing for when you do get around for permissions 3 stuff.

    Usage of global users for essentials.chat that shows the group from the string of:
    groups: - '?,Member'
    In this case the group name is Member the rest is just the needed formatting arround the name, also use prefix's and colours from Global Groups.
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    It seems I am having an issue like this also. But it's with the default group. Same with you?

    If you have a world and only give it a groups.yml file with default permissions and include commands in that group. Other commands will work but item will not (have not tested give).

    Here is my info.

            default: true
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            inheritance: ''
            - 'essentials.help'
            - 'essentials.item'
            - 'essentials.time'
    I have not created a users.yml for this test world only the groups file. Any user that is on this world should be able to issue /Time (no problem), /help (no problem), and /item (does not work). It seems the item command will give error saying that you don't have permissions.

    Bukkit 819
    Esentials 2.3.1
    Permissions 3.1.4

    I do not use a globalgroups.yml or globalusers.yml

    Hope this helps tracking down the problem.

    O one other note.... If I create a user.yml file and then give a user -default groups permissions then it will work.
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    I've had the problem when trying to go to Bukkit (818) from Vanilla, that the players had their spawn points reset to the default. I think this is due to Essentials, the only other plugin I have installed is Permissions.
    Is this correct, does Essentials reset Spawn location in first us? is there a way to avoid it?
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    Not the group default, just doesn't work. Got group Builder, all commands work, but only that command isn't working...
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    @essentialsteam : English > French | 1314 words translated (3 hours work ^^)
    Good luck ;)
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    Hey um i filled out my item blacklist it looks like this:
    #what to prevent from /i /give
    #e.g item-spawn-blacklist: 46,11,10
    item-spawn-blacklist: 7,10,11,46,49,51,52,55,75,90,259,289,318,327
    but when i start the server and try to get tnt or bedrock, it gives it to me. i have tried going down to a guest with no '*'
    permission but it still gives it to them. Why does this happen and how do i fix it?
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    So in the help files it says "multi-world compatible" but it shows no help for how to use the commands with multiple worlds. I have world Vanilla and world Survival and I want a separate spawn for each. Any way to do that?
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    Strange. That command works correctly in all my words that have non default groups setup. Very strange.
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    Hmmm, very strange... It's - 'permissions.item' right?

    edit: Do you have a non-default group without the '*' permissions? Cuz I can spawn, but my Default and Builder group can't. Default shouldn't be, but Builder should...
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    We are having some issues with the /home command, and more specifically using /home [player] to go to another player's home. Is there any way to just allow players to warp to their own homes?

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