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    It's really not a bug if the plugin isn't declared to even work on the bleeding edge dev build of Bukkit you're using. Plugin-incompatibility would be more accurate :p

    Also, you should post the exact build versions of Bukkit and Essentials if you're going to report an issue.
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    Love this plugin so much it is essential to have this. A server without essentials isn't a complete server
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    mmvidsz: please mention both bukkit version and essentials version when you are reporting a bug on unstable 1.3.1 bukkit devbuild.
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    Thanks for the help but do have any idea a couple popular plugins could do that so if i could have them i can turn that off.
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    Why don't you list your plugins for us. Maybe someone will know.
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    Is there a way in group manager to add someone to a sub group and that play will also inherit the prefix? So say if the player is default rank I can ad them to the sub group Mod and then the prefix mod will go before their name. But there name will still stay the same. So what i want is to add mod to a player without changeing there rank or name color. If its not possible with group manager is it possible any other way?
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    How can I enable T.M.I. on my server when I'm using essentials? Whenever I try to spawn things in and I have essentials it says Couldn't spawn specific itemstack or something like that. Then I tested out T.M.I. without essentials and it worked perfectly! Help?!

    update please :)

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    firefox365: no, sorry.

    isaiagrobichaud: go TMI config and change it to fit essentials /give format
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    I think this is a bug. I am using Craftbukkit 2289 and Essentials 2.9.2.

    For my server I use the [Buy] and [Sell] signs, but now the [Buy] and [Sell] Exp signs don't work properly.
    The [Sell] signs give you Exp and the money for selling it
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    couldnt replicate. update to devbuild.
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    just a general notice: please do NOT ask for updates or even support here. The proper place is our IRC chat.
    The update will be out when bukkit is stable and the bugs are fixed. Until then, dev builds are available AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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    - CMD Cooldowns
    The Healing/Teleport/Kit cooldowns are already implemented, however why not just adding selected command cooldowns, example...
    #Command Cooldowns
    /kick all 3600 #can use every hour
    /heal 1800

    - CMD Changer
    Allows you to change any plugins commands, example...
    /kill = /k #Now /k John will be the same as typing /kill John
    /heal = /h
    /money = /m, /£, /$
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    For feature requests make a ticket: http://tickets.ess3.net/
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    theres no 1.3 reco, theres 1.3 dev. obviously theres no recommended version for 1.3 since bukkit is still unstable.
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    I have an error in-game: all commands are locked due to an error. Check the log and then try '/manload'.)
    i Have edited the groups.yml when the server was offline Pleas help me with Problem:)
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    means you edited groups.yml wrong. paste it using www.pastie.org
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    nrkid9 - correct, but we do have dev builds available as I stated.
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    i hope tis becomes 1.3.1 soon
    my server cant live without it!
    and some cake for u
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    get devbuild.
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    whats devbuild...
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    unstable build for 1.3.1, may have bugs. 4th link on page
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    I have checkes it with a yml checker;(
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    i said paste it using www.pastie.org
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    Hmmm this is an interesting thing for you guys. The Written book's data is stored in its enchantment ID. I have tested this and put this on the wiki, but still very little info about it. If we could spawn enchanted stuff for kits, we could probably do so for written books. Good idea for rulebooks or custom guidebooks. Anyone know how to find the enchantment ID in order to spawn a written book?
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    When I type /ban /kick or anny of those commands it wouldnt work, i downloaded the core and i got 3 or 4 jar files
    i moved them in my plugins folder, issnt that the meaning?
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    Waiting for bukkit to properly implement it.
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    This happens every time I startup, and TownyChat and Votifier are giving me similar errors about a player chat listener. Here's the startup: http://pastebin.com/YD2Q9yQd

    It would be great if someone could help. :)
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    chriss1239: tested and it works fine, make sure nothing else is overriding.

    cminecrafter1: update your plugins. essentials dev build fixes 1.3.1 error, but some plugins may not update to devbuild.

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