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    in regards to groupmanager, if you haven't discontinued this plugin if its not to much to ask could you add a command to it to add a mirrored world something like /manuaddmirror [parent world] [world mirroring the parent] [groups/users/both]. I know its kinda a long command but I've had commands that have been longer. I, and many others, have come to love the plugins posted on the first page I thank the Essentials Team for their great plugins.
    Thanks in advance,
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    That's happening all the time ones a player is moving on the server. The plugin that causes that is WorldGuard.
    It looks like that because WorldGuard is registering every thing all players do.

    I hope it helped you !

    To sauevaem !

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    Seems like the "Teleportation will commence" isn't working. I'm PRETTY sure I did it right. Here's my config:

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    For feature requests, please send us a ticket @ http://tickets.ess3.net
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    How can I remove the "Nicknames must be alphanumeric" feature?
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    You can't (at least not without modifying the jar).
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    M.U.P.E = Most useful plugin ever
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  9. okay, major problem. Every time someone goes from being AFK to un AFK or i get an Essentials sign creation error in chat, it comes out in another language. How do i change this?
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  11. Thank you so much! This was getting quite irritating, seen as how, i didnt know what the error i was getting when i tried to place a GameMode Sign.
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    Need help here, every time I try to create a kit it gives me the error: "Error: That kit does not exist or is improperly defined." Can anyone help? :D
    # Note: All items MUST be followed by a quantity!
    # All kit names should be lower case, and will be treated as lower in permissions/costs.
    # Syntax: - itemID[:DataValue] Amount [Enchantment:Level]..
    # Times are measured in seconds.
        delay: 10
          - 277 1 efficiency:1
          - 278 1
          - 279:780 1
        delay: 10
          - 272 1
          - 273 1
          - 274 1
          - 275 1
        delay: 10
          - 261 1 flame:1
          - 262 64
          - 262 64

  13. - 279:780 1

    Not sure wht you mean by 289:780
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    That is a damage value.
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    Any idea why that isn't working? Do I need to have the permissions enabled?
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    "flame" is not a valid enchantment.
  17. Also, i'd like to suggest a feature.

    I run a server where you can donate to recieve Creative Mode, and i'd like to make a sign in the Creative Mode Rules area of my spawn, so that when you click on it, you get Creative Mode. Can you add the feature so that you can use a permission plugin. (e.g: PermissionsEx) to set a group default that can use the sign?

    If it's already implemented, i'm sorry! I just looked up the Sign Tutorials, and i didn't see any way to do this. Thanks!
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    What is the enchantment name for it?
  19. i do believe it's "Fire"
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    OH MY GOD THANK YOU!! It turns out I wasn't using the proper value. Where "flame" was placed the number "50" should have been placed for the Effect Identification Number. Thank you so much for your help! :D
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    Is it possible to make [Buy], [Sell], [Balance] and [Enchant] signs and also /sell command hooked to iConomy? Cos I saw such thing on one dedicated server...
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    Essentials signs only use essentials commands.
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    is there a way to reset money?
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    /eco reset <player> <amount>
    You can use * to do all online players and ** for all online and offline players.
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    Hey guys, love essentials, been using them for over a year. One thing though, after the latest update people do not have colored chat. I see that I can assign them permissions for colored chat but I do not want them to put in codes.
    The way it used to work before that in my permissions PEX file I had chosen colors in prefix and suffix in groups.
    Now when people donated money to the server I would change suffix under personal user not group in the same file and their chat would have that color since now on. How can I make it work again. I want to be able to assign certain suffix for chat to individuals not groups like it used to work before with the older essentials plugin.
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    when i do /setspawn i cannot build there plzz help me !
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    How do i use /gamemode and /fly commands? Whenever I use the command I get "Unknown command. Type "help" for help."
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    I have essentialssigns enabled, such as trade, sell, buy, heal, time, and weather. I have no # in it. But the thing is, it still doesn't work! Help?
    # Essentials Sign Control
    # See http://ess.khhq.net/wiki/Sign_Tutorial for instructions on how to use these.
    # To enable signs, remove # symbol. To disable all signs, comment/remove each sign.
    # Essentials Colored sign support will be enabled when any sign types are enabled.
    # We recommend not enabling chest protection signs if you don't intend to use them, (or are using LWC/Lockette).
      - color
      - balance
      - buy 
      - sell
      - trade
      - free
      - disposal
      #- warp
      #- kit
      #- mail
      #- enchant
      #- gamemode
      - heal
      #- spawnmob
      - time
      - weather
      #- protection
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    I have a very big problem. When i try to use groupmanager commands in-game the it says: An enternal error occured while attempting to perform this command. Why, and how does i solve it
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    if we type with &k our server crashes -_-

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