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    Could you possibly add a ranking sign , so when players first join, when they have read the rules they could be ranked up to member or something. Just an idea and, it would help alto of people out :)
  2. It won't load because you have edited the file incorrectly.
    You have added g: to just about everything and put '' instead of ' around others.
    You have also deleted some nodes totally.
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    i cant figure out how to download the plugin off the site im new could someone please tell me
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    Ok PLEASE HELP I'm trying to make it so that when people join it says [Server] Welcome Back, (Name Of Player) But I don't know where to set it up or the Node if it requires one PLEASE HELP! All it shows when people login is (Player Name) has logged in. Please Answer This!
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    I have a Bukkit 1.2.5-R1.0 server with the Mar 30th 2.9.1 Essentials build.

    /nuke causes a reproducible memory leak, Each time it is used memory climbs and does not go down, eventually crashing the server. not sure if it is an interaction with another plugin. I am using Multiverse Core/Portals/Inventories, NoLagg, LWC, iChat, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, SignColors all with PermissionsBukkit.

    For now I have removed permissions for this command, but has anyone else seen this problem?
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    If I try to download the files with Chrome the URL shortener tiny.cc gives me a "Disallowed Key Characters.". The whole site isn't working. In Safari the downloads works. Crap.
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    How do i change how /msg looks?
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    When I try and edit the kits in the config file, My config file keeps turning into a corrupted config file and I have to get a new config file. Help?
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    I want to make a group in GroupManager called "Builder". I want them to be able to toggle gamemodes but I don't want them to be able to gamemode other players. Is there a way I can do this? And what would the node look like? Thanks.
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    Can you please make essentials work with DispNamechanger?
    It's a great plugin and essentials "nickname" system is not. not being mean, just fair criticism.
    Unless you can somehow change your add-on just like DispNameChanger,that would be great.
    It stinks because I want DispNameChanger but, it would only work if I remove essentials.
    That I can not do,the features are great and are pretty much and essential to have. >.<
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    GroupManager used to work perfect for me until now. The ranks still work, but for some reason, I'm not able to carry out any commands, unless I am op. Same with all other players on server. I tried looking for problem in console but cant find it. Any advice on how to fix this?
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    I am having trouble getting some essentials commands to take priority over the same command from another plugin. The commands are:

    /kick-mcbans is taking priority
    /god-worldguard is taking priority
    /help-worldedit is taking priority
    /heal-worldguard is taking priority
    /info-not sure what plugin is taking priority

    How do I force Essentials to take priority, without adding an "e" in front of the command? I do have them set in the config to take priority.
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    Ok i got it to all work, i installed permisionsex now and started working on perms, i've noticed now that i lost my nickname? if you could help me private message me/reply to me asap!
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    Is there a way i can dissable the invsee permission without removing the moderators permission?
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    ok went in twice today once morning once afternoon trying to ask for help in IRC and it was both time 2-3 poeple taking over chat with there wierd starwars chat. really esstials you should open a forum page on bukkit.dev

    but my question is is there an issue with the /fly when i fly around in survival mode it seems to cause landscape to stop loading and then kick the player. and not flying is enabled and its not a you been kicked for flying
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    Hey, could you tell me why only me (an op) can use the economy signs? I need everyone to be able to buy and sell. Please respond:)
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    Im using iConomy 7, and i saw that Essentials has economy system. Won't these plugins conflict? Or maybe I can disable Essentials econ system?
  19. Do not operate multiple homes.

    I assigned the node "- essentials.sethome.multiple.vip" and "- essentials.sethome.multiple" a group "VIP" but can not can only have a "Home".

    The configuration is available 5 "/ sethome" and only lets 1.

    Using PEX.
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    Hello i need help for Permission EX.

    I set on config.yml that VIP can have 3 sethomes.
    How can i set VIPs on PERMISSION EX?
    Which is the permission node for sethome1,2 and 3?
  21. This same question I did just above your post.

    You must have these 3 nodes:

    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.sethome.multiple
    - Essentials.sethome.multiple. [Set] (name of node in the config file)

    It does not work, at least with PEX.
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    Any way to make it so when you click tab it shows the group colors instead of just plain white player names?
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    I dont know how to set command cost for multiple use commands
    e.g. /rg addmember spawn trolix, /rg addmember wtf test
    i tried
    rg-addmember*: 50
    rg-addmember-*-*: 50
    rg-addmember-*: 50
    is it possible to set that?

    Sorry for my bad english
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    Why do i get the groupmanager as a zip file? =S
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    Why doesn't it work with PEX????It is one of the most used perm plugin D:

    Then what does it mean [Set] (name of node in the config file)
    What should i write after - Essentials.sethome.multiple.
  26. Already being one of the most used.

    It does not work. I put the node like this:

    - essentials.sethome.multiple.vip

    And I have it configured the config.yml like this:

    # essentials.sethome.multiple.vip
    vip: 5

    It does not work;)
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    What about /tpall {world} ?
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    Is it possible to add or make configurable the option to click to come out of afk mode or be able to detect for any player interaction for it to automatically unafk
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    For all you bukkit people and server hosters and even the essentials team I must say that this essentials plugin is great right for when you start a new server. Oh yes and.... [diamond]Diamonds[diamond] to you!
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    Not sure if this has already been noticed but it took me ages to figure out what was wrong.

    Colored signed had stopped working completely. I knew to use colored signs you need to have one type of sign enabled in essentials config.yml but the options of signs available didn't include anything i wanted to enable as other plugins handled this.

    In the example config.yml here the which is a direct link from essentials http://ess.khhq.net/cfg/ you will notice under enableSigns an option "- color"

    This was not present in my config.yml , but not sure if this is something new but I only started using essentials from 2.8 onwards.

    By adding "- color" I know have colored signs again. Hope this helps others out if they are having the same problems.

    By the way essentials is my #1 plugin that gets installed first on any new server of mine, well done to the developers for a great plugin, thanks.

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