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    Type /eco give <player> <amount>
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    When you use the essentials' setspawn command, does it embed it into the world's level.dat for the multiplayer spawn? Because editing the spawn in MCEdit ot NBTEdit just changes the single player spawn.
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    Please update to 1.2.
    the dev build has a lot of bugs f.e. essentials protect doesn't do anything.(fire spreads, creepers explode)
    my server counts on you...
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    Fire spread and creeper explosions can be stopped with WorldGuard dev build until Essentials updates.
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    Preben folkvor

    Does anyone know if Essentials now fully supports the sell/buy signs? Please Reply :D

    Thanks :p
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    If you have ChestShops, yes, and has supported them.
  7. Does this work on 1.2.3 ik that the core works but Group Manager does not why is this?
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    PLEASE HELP ME! Economy Signs arent working like [Buy], [Sell], and [Warp] Please help me some1 is it because essentials hasnt updated or is economy gone!? BTW using the latest version of essentials 2.82 1.1 [R.6]
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    I have a problem I have the permission - '*' on mod admin ad god ranks on my server. I have a faction server and I have essentials buy and sell sign my problem is as one of those ranks i can buy somthing from a sign even if i dont have any money for the item. so if i have $500 I click a sign to buy an item for $1000. It will say insufficient funds but it will still give me the item and my balance will still be at $1000. and i dont have loan enabled. what is the permission node i can take it way with. - -essentials.?
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    Heal sell buy all of the signs, they dont work.
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    Actually they do, you just need to go into the essentials config.yml look for the signs and take the # out before each sign you want activated. so #- Sell make it - Sell. It says how in the config.

    You just need to go into the essentials config.yml look for the signs and take the # out before each sign you want activated. so #- Sell make it - Sell. It says how in the config.

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was about to go mental!
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    Can you add when you send /helpop message
    the player receive this message

    "You have send the request , please wait"
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    Hi I was wondering how do I set "seconds" when player use /spawn /home /tpa I can't find it on the essentials config file please reply if its possible.
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    sorry for bad english

    Hey. I loved the essentials when it was 2.4
    But now I like it completely after you took away from the shop essentials.

    but I have a question. can not you make a java file essentials SHOP?
    get it back, arrange it. Most people like essentials for it is shop?
  16. can you aid me?
    if i have uHome plugin at my server, with 3 homes max for members, 5 homes max for donators. Does this inflict with my uHome plugin? if i dont want to use this plugins homes?
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    You can find the Dev build here:

    In the column artifact, click on the arrow next to view on the lastest build (most left column).
    In the drop down choose the .zip you want. I recommended the Essentials-Full.zip, you will have all the functionality.

    Keep in mind you might still have some bugs. I have been using it for a few days now, and the only thing we came across is that when creeper damage block is at False, the block don't regenerate in the client. You have to disconnect and reconnect.

    Small price to pay for a otherwise fully functional Essentials.

    Enjoy !
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    Could this plugin be teleporting players to the spawn everytime they rejoin?
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    hmm none of the signs are working and there's nothing about it in the config

    Edit: Can anybody upload the new config please? because myed is not updating
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    Just rename your config.yml to like, config.old then stop/restart server. It'll regen the new config.
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    Got it working now
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    Hm i am not able to make a shop with signs at MC 1.2 i am using essentials 2.8.3
    the colors on the signs won´t switch -.-
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    update to 1.2.3?
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    I'm getting an error with Residence using Essentials Economy... Essentials is not loading before... How can I change the order of the plugins?
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    Like what the essentials said all sign has been turn off by default make sure you go in the config.yml file and delete the "#" on it. Example #sell (green) --> sell (black which mean its enable)
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    Is this plugin compatible with Minecraft 1.2.3? Just wondering...
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    it is

    hey guys I got a problem my /setspawn doesnt work :( when NEW players join they always apear on a random block not on the block I set spawn to be :( any tips how to fix this ? thansk!

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    Is this 1.2.3? I am new so I don know!
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    Did you really need to quote the entire first post (which tells you it is 1.2 compliant) to ask a question that has been answered two posts before yours?

    Yes, it works with the latest Minecraft. Just be sure to use 2.9 (http://tiny.cc/essentialsDevFullZip)
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  30. Using bPermissions:
    I have 2 different groups
    which have permission node:
    - essentials.kit.member
    which have permission node:
    - essentials.kit.donator

    and in essentials config:
        delay: 3600
          - 273 2
          - 274 1
          - 275 1
        delay: 3600
          - 256 4
          - 257 2
          - 258 2
    Can you explain why it tells people "no permission to use"?
    As an admin, using /kit member or /kit donator <- i get the items it should give without proplems. But when de-op as normal member -> no items and no permissions

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