Inactive [GEN/SEC/ECON/RP] Houses v1.2 - Sell terrain(s) for your users ! [1.4+]

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    Plugin version : 1.2
    Compatible CraftBukkit [1.4+]
    Download : 1.2
    Description: This plugin allow you to sell a terrain, by getting the size of its. The plugin calculates the price automatically, and withdraw the price to the buyer's holdings. Very simple to use, not many commands. iConomy supports and Permissions.​
    1. Download the plugin, don't forget to also download Vault.
    2. Open the Houses' plugin configuration in the folder "Houses" in "plugins". Change the 'price-per-block' with whatever you want.
    3. Reload your server.
    4. Type '/houses create <housename>' to start creating a house.
    5. In game select the 2 points by left or right-clicking.
    6. Respond 'yes' or 'no' to the message if you have enough money.
    7. Then, the house is bought, you must protect it. To protect it, select your house with '/houses select *housename*'. You must know the name of the protection you want, so type '/houses setprotection help'. That will list you the protections names. Then, to protect your house : '/houses setprotection <protectionname> <true/false>'.
    8. If you want to list your houses : '/houses list'
    9. If you want to delete a house : '/houses select <housename>' and then '/houses delete'
    And you now know how to select and sell a house without ANY problem ! (hope you dont have any problem, if one -> pm me)

    Sign selling tutorial :
    To sell your house with a sign, you must create a sign and write specific text on it:
    Line 1 : [Houses]
    Line 2 : <house_name>
    Line 3 : <house_price>
    Line 4 : Nothing !

    Commands :
    /houses create <housename> - Start creating a house.​
    /houses help - Shows help.​
    /houses setprotection help- Shows a list of protections.​
    /houses setprotection <protectionname> <true/false> - Enable/disable a protection.​
    /houses select <housename> - Selects the house you want.​
    /houses reset <lang/config> - Resets the language file.​
    /houses list - Lists the houses you have.​
    /houses sell <price> <buyername> - Sells the current selected house to the player you want.​
    /houses delete - Deletes the current selected house.​
    /houses togglebuying - Enables the player to buy a house.​
    Permissions :
    houses.admin.reset - For resetting the files?​
    houses.user.create - For creating a house.​ - For selecting a house.​
    houses.user.sell - For selling a house.​
    houses.user.list - For listing the houses.​
    houses.user.delete - For deleting a house.​
    houses.user.buying - For buying a house.​
    • None​
    Known issues:
    • None
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    • Added sign selling
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Added command '/houses togglebuying'
    • Properly added permissions (some of them were missing).
    • Added the ability to sell a house.
    • You can now list you houses.
    • Added permissions.
    • Modified the '/houses reset' command.
    • Reloaded the code, for the 1.3.2, and made it better, and faster.

    If you have any error or bug, please report them on this topic.
    If you have any idea for the plugin, give them here.
    (If you like my work, you can donate :) ) [​IMG]
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    I said it for the 1.1 ;)

    The 1.2 is coming soon ;)
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    kinha tinhas

    How to mark the area in this plugin? please

    Please can help me?

    Can you make a video to use this plugin?

    how to select the area to create the house with world edit
    the block 345?

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    Just type '/houses help' , it says how to mark an area ;)
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    Waere cool, wenn du noch eine Option einbaust, daß die Grundstücke teurer werden, wenn sie nah am Spawn liegen.
    (z.B. *200/(distanz+100) )
    Ebenso Zuschlag für Randlänge um 'Wurst'-Grundstücke zu vermeiden.
  6. i hope you keep updating this plugin because this is just what i needed i can't wait till you add selling with signs

    i have some ideas for the plugin.
    -when a member buys the house he will usually change some stuff on the house so when that player sells his house the hous goes to its default design. (can be turned on/off in the config file)

    -each block inside the area are counted with the price of the house . the prices for each block can be configured in the config file

    -Let's say a play bought a house for (10.000$) when the player sells his house he will only get 75%(7.500$) of the money he bought it with (configurable) and the player that buys it again buys it for the 100%(10.000$ of the money and when he sells it he gets only 75%(7.500$) back too.

    i hope you can add some of the ideas :)

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    Can you make a video?
    I don't know how to use this plugin.

    PS:Yes , I've read the tutorial.
  8. Hi,

    How do it limit the number of blocks someone can protect?
    I'd also like to limit the number of protected zones each player gets.

    All the protection plugins i've seen are way too complex for more players to use.
    We just need something simple.
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    can we expect an update for 1.4.2 any time soon or find an alternative protection plugin?
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    I'm coming back, I just hadn't time to update it :S
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    1.2 coming in few minutes !! :D
    - Added sign selling (tutorial coming soon)
    - Fixed some bugs
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    I did not understand that part of the answer that I should write

    I do everything right mark the ground but do not know what I have to answer

    make a video of how to move this plugin

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    Hey yannkaiser, My name is buildoman and i am trying out your plugin on my bukkit server. But my question is once you select the region how do you buy it?
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    this plugin have an issue
    we cant create the house make a video to help people understand
  15. i have 2 questions

    1. do you need a economie plugin for this?? yes? wich one?
    2. how do you respond? just typing YES in chat?

    sorry for my englisch :p
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    I dont understand the sixth step in your tutorial what command should i use after i mark the two points on what message should i answer "yes" or "no" i type /houses create (name) and after that it says "You can now set the bounds of your house!" and after i was done with that it only says Price: 2000$ and where does i type "yes" to buy the house?

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