Inactive [GEN/SEC/ECON/RP] Houses v1.2 - Sell terrain(s) for your users ! [1.4+]

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    Plugin version : 1.2
    Compatible CraftBukkit [1.4+]
    Download : 1.2
    Description: This plugin allow you to sell a terrain, by getting the size of its. The plugin calculates the price automatically, and withdraw the price to the buyer's holdings. Very simple to use, not many commands. iConomy supports and Permissions.​
    1. Download the plugin, don't forget to also download Vault.
    2. Open the Houses' plugin configuration in the folder "Houses" in "plugins". Change the 'price-per-block' with whatever you want.
    3. Reload your server.
    4. Type '/houses create <housename>' to start creating a house.
    5. In game select the 2 points by left or right-clicking.
    6. Respond 'yes' or 'no' to the message if you have enough money.
    7. Then, the house is bought, you must protect it. To protect it, select your house with '/houses select *housename*'. You must know the name of the protection you want, so type '/houses setprotection help'. That will list you the protections names. Then, to protect your house : '/houses setprotection <protectionname> <true/false>'.
    8. If you want to list your houses : '/houses list'
    9. If you want to delete a house : '/houses select <housename>' and then '/houses delete'
    And you now know how to select and sell a house without ANY problem ! (hope you dont have any problem, if one -> pm me)

    Sign selling tutorial :
    To sell your house with a sign, you must create a sign and write specific text on it:
    Line 1 : [Houses]
    Line 2 : <house_name>
    Line 3 : <house_price>
    Line 4 : Nothing !

    Commands :
    /houses create <housename> - Start creating a house.​
    /houses help - Shows help.​
    /houses setprotection help- Shows a list of protections.​
    /houses setprotection <protectionname> <true/false> - Enable/disable a protection.​
    /houses select <housename> - Selects the house you want.​
    /houses reset <lang/config> - Resets the language file.​
    /houses list - Lists the houses you have.​
    /houses sell <price> <buyername> - Sells the current selected house to the player you want.​
    /houses delete - Deletes the current selected house.​
    /houses togglebuying - Enables the player to buy a house.​
    Permissions :
    houses.admin.reset - For resetting the files?​
    houses.user.create - For creating a house.​ - For selecting a house.​
    houses.user.sell - For selling a house.​
    houses.user.list - For listing the houses.​
    houses.user.delete - For deleting a house.​
    houses.user.buying - For buying a house.​
    • None​
    Known issues:
    • None
    Show Spoiler

    • Added sign selling
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Added command '/houses togglebuying'
    • Properly added permissions (some of them were missing).
    • Added the ability to sell a house.
    • You can now list you houses.
    • Added permissions.
    • Modified the '/houses reset' command.
    • Reloaded the code, for the 1.3.2, and made it better, and faster.

    If you have any error or bug, please report them on this topic.
    If you have any idea for the plugin, give them here.
    (If you like my work, you can donate :) ) [​IMG]
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    In which version are you ?

    The Beta 2.0 is out !

    Please tell me when you have some bugs please ! :)

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    Captain Seasick

    I've got a few questions about this plugin.

    First off, how does this "protection" system work? Does it make all blocks inside of a "zone" completely indestructible?

    Second, why a golden axe? Or any tool for that matter? Why not just a stick, a beef or anything FAR less uncommon for the greatest ease of use?

    Thirdly, how compatible is this plugin with certain other anti-griefing modules, ones such as those making non-whitelisted players unable to destroy some block-types.
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    It just blocks players that are not OP or that aren't allowed in the zone.
    I'm modifying the ''diamondaxe" to somewhat easier, but, normally, only the admins or moderators should sell houses.

    All blocks inside the house are indestructible ONLY if the owner chooses to protect his house.
    (If he forget to do '/houses setprotection block-place true' , it won't protect his house.)

    I've not tested, but I know that I don't use many things to do the protection, so it normally does not cause problems ;)
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    I have two problems.

    1.) I went into the config.yml for Houses and changed the wand (gold axe, 286) to wooden axe (271), saved and quit, reloaded the server, and it didn't change the wand to wooden axe like I wanted.

    2.) Also, when I select and sell the zone I make, it sells like it should, and everything is ok. Except. In the console on my computer, this shows up:

    16:53:17 [INFO] lol
    16:53:18 [INFO] lol
    16:53:18 [INFO] lol
    16:53:18 [INFO] lol
    16:53:18 [INFO] lol
    16:53:18 [INFO] lol
    16:53:18 [INFO] lol
    16:53:19 [INFO] lol
    16:53:19 [INFO] lol

    over and over again, but I can't paste it.

    Something must be funny to you. Well I'm not amused.
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    I corrected some bugs, re-download it ;)

    (Sorry for spamming 'lol', it was a test, that wasn't deleted :X)

    List of corrections:
    - Files are now correctly generated
    - It is now possible to delete the terrains
    - You can select the item you want for selection
    - No more spams when moving in a zone
    - Adding prefixes to chat messages ([Houses] red or green)

    Next corrections:
    - Multi-houses support
    - Creeper-explosion protection will be effective
    - Maybe a language file (if time)
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    Please let users buy the houses with predefined prices and make it auto protect your houses.. And can you add members to the houses so they can build too? Would use it if you did all these things :D
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    Intergrate with Worldedit and Worldguard please as this is a major feature it has been lacking.
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    I'm thinking about making the terrain in a market when selecting it, at the price you want, and then, a user can buy it himself ;) for the moment I'm just fixing some bugs, and I will try to make it :) .

    What should change the WorldEdit and WorldGuard hook ? :O
  11. link it with a sign, to merk regions users can buy without an admin ! :DD
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    Yes, I though about that, for the market ^^

    It would be really boring to type '/houses market' and to have a list and... ...

    Houses 2.0b3 is out !

    List of news:
    - Correction of Creeper-explosion protection
    - You can now sell a House with a sign (DesaLon will be happy :D )
    - Correction of a bug related to terrain saving

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    And can you please add protection before it's bought too? Or else someone would destroy all the plots :!
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    Which protections ? From the house, of from the the Sign ?
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    Ok.. I think about this:
    1. Admin set each plot region
    2. Plugin is making auto-protection on each plot
    3. User buy house with a command/sign and the sign with the id/command will disappear
    4. Plugin add the user so he can build
    5. User can use /house addmember (friend)
    6. User use /house flag (pvp, build(everyone), waterflow, lavaflow, leafdecay etc)
    7. User can sell their house with /house sell (id) and the command sign will appear again :D
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    Okay :p
    I'll do that quickly :D
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    i have put your plugin on my server but when i use one time the object to select a zone and when i sell it after that i can't select another zone, do you know what's the matter ?

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    Do you have Vault installed ?
    For the moment the plugin doesn't support Multi-Houses, so you can only select 1 zone ;)

    I just have added Multi-Houses support, but now, the Houses creation is a little bit changed, i'll edit the tutorial, for more explications ;)

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    I cant set protection. Dont know exactly why but your plugin is awesome! like it. How can you code so the owner can change selection item? /buychunk schould be awesome!
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    You can change selection item: show the config.yml file in the 'Houses' folder ;)

    What does it say to you when you set a protection ? Is it an error ?
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    Hey Thank you so much for the plugin its very great just what i needed :)!
    but i just have a quick question how to i delete the tarrain again after i created it? :)
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    /houses delete , easily :p
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    Oh great thanks :D!
    and if i shall delete a anothers house i just type fx /houses delete "xKasqer" ? :)
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    Yeah, exactly ;)
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    great thanks :D!
  26. i love you <3

    got an error with spout i think..

    can u fix this? :D

    21:16:45 [SEVERE] Could not pass event SIGN_CHANGE to Houses
            at me.yake.incredicraft.houses.listeners.HousesSignListener.onSignChange
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet130UpdateSign.a(SourceFile:41)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
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    Don't delete spout ! ^^ it's an error I saw today.
    Will be fixed tomorrow ;)
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    Hello again !

    I try to use your plugin but when I write the command /houses create nothing happen (I use the 2.0 BĂȘta 4) ?

    Do you know what could be the problem ?

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    Try '/houses create <housename>' :)
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    I write the name before but it doesn't work !
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    hey again yannkaiser ehm mine dosent work anymore i type /houses create "Krallils'house" (that work) and i select my tarrain (work) but when i wanna sell it to me "krallil" at price 0 " i type /houses sell Krallil 0 but it dosent work?
    i have tryed redownload it no diffrent

    i got beta 4

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