Inactive [GEN/SEC/ECON/RP] Houses v1.2 - Sell terrain(s) for your users ! [1.4+]

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    Plugin version : 1.2
    Compatible CraftBukkit [1.4+]
    Download : 1.2
    Description: This plugin allow you to sell a terrain, by getting the size of its. The plugin calculates the price automatically, and withdraw the price to the buyer's holdings. Very simple to use, not many commands. iConomy supports and Permissions.​
    1. Download the plugin, don't forget to also download Vault.
    2. Open the Houses' plugin configuration in the folder "Houses" in "plugins". Change the 'price-per-block' with whatever you want.
    3. Reload your server.
    4. Type '/houses create <housename>' to start creating a house.
    5. In game select the 2 points by left or right-clicking.
    6. Respond 'yes' or 'no' to the message if you have enough money.
    7. Then, the house is bought, you must protect it. To protect it, select your house with '/houses select *housename*'. You must know the name of the protection you want, so type '/houses setprotection help'. That will list you the protections names. Then, to protect your house : '/houses setprotection <protectionname> <true/false>'.
    8. If you want to list your houses : '/houses list'
    9. If you want to delete a house : '/houses select <housename>' and then '/houses delete'
    And you now know how to select and sell a house without ANY problem ! (hope you dont have any problem, if one -> pm me)

    Sign selling tutorial :
    To sell your house with a sign, you must create a sign and write specific text on it:
    Line 1 : [Houses]
    Line 2 : <house_name>
    Line 3 : <house_price>
    Line 4 : Nothing !

    Commands :
    /houses create <housename> - Start creating a house.​
    /houses help - Shows help.​
    /houses setprotection help- Shows a list of protections.​
    /houses setprotection <protectionname> <true/false> - Enable/disable a protection.​
    /houses select <housename> - Selects the house you want.​
    /houses reset <lang/config> - Resets the language file.​
    /houses list - Lists the houses you have.​
    /houses sell <price> <buyername> - Sells the current selected house to the player you want.​
    /houses delete - Deletes the current selected house.​
    /houses togglebuying - Enables the player to buy a house.​
    Permissions :
    houses.admin.reset - For resetting the files?​
    houses.user.create - For creating a house.​ - For selecting a house.​
    houses.user.sell - For selling a house.​
    houses.user.list - For listing the houses.​
    houses.user.delete - For deleting a house.​
    houses.user.buying - For buying a house.​
    • None​
    Known issues:
    • None
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    • Added sign selling
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Added command '/houses togglebuying'
    • Properly added permissions (some of them were missing).
    • Added the ability to sell a house.
    • You can now list you houses.
    • Added permissions.
    • Modified the '/houses reset' command.
    • Reloaded the code, for the 1.3.2, and made it better, and faster.

    If you have any error or bug, please report them on this topic.
    If you have any idea for the plugin, give them here.
    (If you like my work, you can donate :) ) [​IMG]
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    It's done now, I just was editing the presentation. ;)
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    I was writing it while you answered. :D

    I just added the Permissions support ! :D

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    update title or are you doing that as i'm typing?
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    Ehm, no, not this time :/
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    Plugin version : 0.5
    Compatible CraftBukkit [1000-1060]​
    update aswell???​
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    Yeah, now, it's done.
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    So how do you mark the property?

    Can you have more explanation, does it use World Guard, Factions, Towny?
    Do you mark a cuboid with World Edit?

    Is very Vague =)
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    You make a selection with WorldEdit, it gets you the size of the selected zone, and you make it in the command.

    I'm working about a selfSelection mode in the plugin, but I think it's not so important fot the moment.
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    you should add a dependancy of WorldEdit then to your OP and maybe add a little guide on how to use this plugin.
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    I certainly will do a Guide ;)
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    Now maybe some other information that would help... is there anti-greifing in the land size, or chest protection, door protection? etc?
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    Maybe maybe, but if I do much of those options, my plugin will become a Residence-like :/
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    Well if there is house protection then you should add protection for whats inside of the zones.
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    Yes I think it will be so. I will see, but for now I'm working on the translation and the "buyer's confirmation".
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    It won't become like residence, their slogan is "Self Protection"

    Let me give you an example, not sure if it works, but however, example's are good.

    Factions Plugin (if your familiar) You can have 2 designated factions (example)

    There are 40 members on each faction side, However, on EACH side, each user can greif/openchests/etc. do anything and everything to each other.

    If your plugin can offer the "buy land" and what not, and be integrated, I think your download's will skyrocket.

    The current thing Factions is missing is something along those lines, or to be broad (Towny Integration)

    Make it have some kind of protection inside the buyzone, otherwise there's really no point :)

    when you have time
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    It's okay. I have already tested Faction, and I've seen that we can do all what we want in a faction land. I will see if I can do that ;)
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    If you have any problem, report them here ;)
  21. Sell terrain with iConomy?

    I need some information regardin this as I am deeply interested. :)

    - Does this mean that people can "buy" A piece of land they define themselves and then the land they bought is totally protected from outsiders or how does it work? Cause the description dosen't help me much but I guess it might be me that aint getting it. :)
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    Yes, it's exactly that :) But for the moment, I'm doing the selection mode, it's not okay.
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    Have any advantage over residence?
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    Not for now, I'm working on it ;)
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    i cant use /house command.
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    What does it say?
    If it's internal error, just download one more time the plugin.
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    Ooh. This is interesting, and very similar to something that I've been looking for for awhile.
    Though... I'd love to give my members a simple command (say '/buychunk') that would sell the entire chunk to the individual for a predetermined price... So my users could buy their own chunks without having to learn to make WorldEdit selections (I don't trust them that much. Because I know them to well, heh).
    Additionally, if you're already using WE, you might want to plug into WorldGuard for (some of?) the protections: Merely using this plugin as an interface for WG's backend. Maybe?
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    I just finished the Plugins Own Selection Mode (yeah, pretty name :p ). Next step will be the protection in the terrain that have been sold, so, we won't need to have "WorldEdit, WorldGuard" and so plugins, it will do it itself ;)

    The '/buychunk' isn't a bad idea, I will think about it, and see for adding it in a new version ;)
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    This reminds me of 'Region Market'...with less crap

    Also, you say above you wont need WorldGuard or WorldEdit? If so, this could be one superbly useful plug-in indeed

    Wish you well :D
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    Omg ._.

    A Protection INCLUDED and i will use this on my Server.

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