Inactive [GEN] RankUp V1.4 - Switch groups through Signs/Words/Commands [Perms3][PermsBukkit][PEx] [1000-60]

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    I will no longer publicly update this plugin. If you are a developer and have interest in taking it over, the source is readily available.

    I am also not providing support for issues with this plugin. Sorry to all those who it affects.

    RankUp - Switching groups through Signs/Words/Commands
    Version: 1.4

    This plugin allows you to set packages that define a transition between groups. The player is then able to enact that transition through right clicking certain signs, saying certain words or manually through the /rankup command.

    • Allows for easy GreyListing
    • Individual Permissions for each package
    • Supports Permissions 3.1.6
    • Supports PermissionsBukkit v1.1
    • Supports PermissionsEx 1.13
    • The target player of /rankup <player> does not have to be online(They have to have alteast logged in once though)
    • Easy to set up using commands from in-game or the console(which uses the same commands but without the /).
    • Supports multiple packages
    Permissions: (open)

          Gives access to all RankUp commands
           Allows you to place a [RankUp] sign.
           Gives you access to /rankup for all packages.*:
           Gives you access to all utility commands.
           Menu for all of the utility commands.
           Allows the user to enable RankUp, and RankWord
           Allows the user to disable RankUp, and RankWord
           Allows the user to set the RankWord word
           Allows the user to set the starting rank
           Allows the user to set the ending rank
           Allows the user to add a new package
           Allows the user to remove a package
          Allows the user to reload the plugin

    Commands: (open)

            Upgrade a player's rank to and from the ones specified in a certain package. If you leave out the package argument it defaults to default.
            usage: /rankup <player> [package]
            Menu for all of the utility commands.
            usage: /ru
            Enable the /rankup command and the word through here. If you leave out the package argument it defaults to default.
            usage: /ru enable <command|word> [package]
            Disable the /rankup command and the word through here. If you leave out the package argument it defaults to default.
            usage: /ru disable <command|word> [package]
            Lets you set the word. If you leave out the package argument it defaults to default.
            usage: /ru setword <word> [package]
            Lets you set the starting group, the one that generally does not have build rights. If you leave out the package argument it defaults to default.
            usage: /ru setstarting <Default Group> [package]
            Lets you set the ending group, the GreyListed one. If you leave out the package argument it defaults to default.
            usage: /ru setending <GreyListed Group> [package]
            Lets you add a new package
            usage: /ru addpackage <Package Name>
            Lets your remove a package
            usage: /ru removepackage <Package Name>
            Lets you reload the plugin
            usage: /ru reload

    Example Configs: (open)

        startingGroup: user
        endingGroup: admin
        rankup_command_enabled: true
    This package moves a player from the user group to the admin group. The only method enabled is the /rankup command.
        startingGroup: default
        endingGroup: user
        rankup_word_enabled: true
        rankup_word: test
        rankup_sign_enabled: true
    This package moves a player from the default group to the user group. This can happen through the player saying the secret word in chat 'test', or through them right clicking a certain sign.

    How to Create Signs (open)

    Type [RankUp] on the first line of the sign, and the package name on the third line. If you want to use the default package just leave the third line blank. You must have the permission node rankup.signplace to be able to place [RankUp] signs.


    ToDo List: (open)

    Credits: (open)

    -Stole sign rank idea from him/her

    Version 1.0
    • Plugin release
    Version 1.1

    • Added utility commands to help with managing of the config.yml
    • You can now set a secret word that when typed allows a person to move to the greylisted rank. This word will not show in the chat.
    Version 1.2

    • Fixed that if PermissionsBukkit was being used to handle groups, you were able to create fake users. This is no longer possible.
    Version 1.3

    • Added support for multiple greylists(packages).
    • Optimized code.
    Version 1.4

    • Added support for individual package permissions.
    • Added support for PermissionsEx(Does not support multi-worlds).
    • Added signs as a way to trigger packages.
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  2. Could you perhaps add an option to turn off multi-world support? I'm using PEX with v1.4, rankup works but it tries to set the user to that group in that world (so in permissions.yml it does users: worlds: world: group: - group) which isn't supported by PEX.
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    Before I found this I made a request for a similar plugin. This does the core parts of my request but could I make a few suggestions to improve this plugin (and get me closer to the plugin I need :p)

    - ability to add groups as well as set them
    - ability to replace certain groups with other groups
    - iconomy support (I'm sure a lot of people would be very happy if you added that)


    EDIT: just realised you're the one who linked me here on that thread XD
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    It shouldn't try to use multiple worlds. I tried that originally, but in 1.4 it should just set the group under each user. Redownload the jar and tell me if you still have the problem :)

    I will look into adding iconomy support, and the ability to set(Clear all the other groups except for a specified one), but adding groups can already be accomplished through clever inheritance in your permissions of choice, and replacing certain groups with other groups is what RankUp does, unless I am misunderstanding.
  5. @toalec Redownloaded, same problem. I assume it's due to the permissions 2.x compatibility layer.

                    - Builder
  6. Heh...putting [RankUp] on the first line of a sign, how original. ;)
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    Can you post your server log, or atleast the RankUp portion? :)

  8. @toalec Nothing actually shows up in the server log. Just in chat it says to the user "[RankUp] Your rank has successfully changed to Builder."

    On start up it says:

    19:06:43 [INFO] [RankUp] Loading...
    19:06:43 [INFO] [RankUp] PermissionsEx initialized!
    19:06:43 [INFO] [RankUp] Finished!
    So it's not mistaking PEX for the ol' Permissions :/
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    What if we wanted to add a group that didn't inherit from the other groups? Thats the whole point of multigroup after all. An example of when it will very often be needed on many servers:

    You have races; warrior, ranger, mage, and jobs; job1 and job2. You set the race, then add a job - jobs can't inherit from the races, it'd make too many unneeded groups (yes, only 4 more in this example but our server has 16 races and 8 jobs...)

    Or am I just missing some clever trick?
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    It seems to work fine with PEx for me, if you could pm your rankup/config.yml and your permissions.yml I would be able to faster diagnose the problem.

    If your permissions plugin supports setting multiple default groups you could do this, but I don't think many of them do, so I will add it to my todo list :)
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    Love this, but I have one issue. I want to have a cronjob running each night that changes the rankup word using telnet. I found the command "/ru setword word" which DOES change the rankup word, however it does not apply it ingame. The new word does not take effect untill I restart the server. Is that possible to fix?
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    I would do a /reload after you change the word then. The issue has to do with how bukkit loads the config.yml, I don't know of any plugins that use a separate way to load it dynamically. :)

    Edit: The issue doesn't have to do with Bukkit, I am just lame.
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    I cannot do that without breaking a few plugins and having my users complain about lag. Look at something like iChat though, anything like the /ichat reload command would do the trick.
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    Download it again and use /ru reload to reload the plugin.

    Edit: You need to have the permission node.
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    Sorry, I am a java nub and I forgot it was pass by value only. If you download it again, you should not have to reload the plugin for the config file changes to take effect. There is no /ru reload anymore.
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    Can you please make it so its just /rankup PACKAGE and not /rankup username package ?
    Or atleast a different permission node for a command that just is /rankup PACKAGE
    I was thinking of using this and the commandpay plugin to make people have to pay for using the command, but that wont work when you can actually rankup other users too!
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    I tried your update 1.4.. still when I tried ranking up.. only the Permissions Bukkit is changing.. Permissions still default..
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    The /rankup command is supposed to be used by staff. The secret word and the sign allows a user to rank up by themselves, and I will eventually be adding Iconomy support. There has never been a plan to make it so the /rankup command was available to the masses on a server.

    I removed the functionality to support multiple permissions plugins because it gets much more complex with the addition of more permission plugins, but I will most likely re-add it later.
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    So I'm intending on Building a beta server optimized for three to four clan groups, my intention (based on this plugin) is to make four clan rooms at the beginning of the game (roleplay acting), is it possible to have *example:four* different signs with a configuration for each. IE. someone walks into clanroom A, and right clicks the sign A, they become *clanA*builder
    startingGroup: default endingGroup: clanAbuilder rankup_sign_enabled: true

    Someone else walks into clanroom B and rightclicks the sign - becoming *clanB*builder
    startingGroup: default endingGroup: clanBbuilder rankup_sign_enabled: true


    Also note the ranks would be made in the permissions YML.
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    k, that will work just follow the correct format.
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    For some reason on my live server this do not find PermissionsEx.
    The config is very basic.
    edit: Deleted the files and made it create them from scratch. Still unable to find PEX.


    edit3: Dev-version 1.14 of PEX does not fix the problem. Still not recognised by RankUp.
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    Can you post the entire server.txt from when you start the server to when all the plugins are done enabling?
    I think before you might have said that PermissionsEx was not enabling before RankUp, so I would like to check that out. :D
    I haven't been able to replicate this error, so the more information you send me the faster I can solve the problem.
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    Did the same thing, issue fixed. There is nothing more to show you than what I already did.
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    Uhh, I've got permissionsbukkit installed, but it says it can't find permissionsbukkit installed? .__.
    This be mah permissionsbukkit config thingy
    permissions: false
    permissions: true
    permissions: true
    permissions: true
    rankup.rankup: true
    permissions.*: true
    mchat.prefix.Admin: true
    rankup.rankup: true
    permissions: true
    coolplugin.item: true
    - default
    build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'
    And this is my rankup config
    startingGroup: 'CowFodder'
    endingGroup: 'The High Priest Of Awesome'
    rankup_command_enabled: true
    rankup_word_enabled: false
    rankup_word: 'RankUp'
    rankup_sign_enabled: false
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    The startingGroup and the endingGroup are supposed to reflect real permissions groups. Also, please post the initialization portion of the server.txt; otherwise, I can not really diagnose your problems.
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    Sorry! I forgot to download PermissionsBukkit version 1.1 instead of the latest version 1.2 xD
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    ah damn this was exactly what i was looking for its a shame its gonna be incompatible soon when cb updates :(
    NO please someone take this up please i am begging you plugin devs PLEASE :(
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    toalec im stuck aswell could you give an example?
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    Check the Example Configs spoiler
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    when i boot up the server i get this :

    RankUp: Loading...
    RankUp: PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3, or PermissionsExcould not be detected.
    RankUp: Disabling plugin...
    RankUp: Disabled!
    RankUp: Finished!
    Can anyone help? using cb 1060

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