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    PrizeRedemption 1.5
    By Technius

    • Allows Ops and people with prizeredemption.create to make redeem codes
    • Allows everyone to redeem codes
    • Codes give items to people, and multiple items supported now!
    • Good for servers that have VIPs (give them diamonds!)
    • Each code can only be redeemed once per person, and codes can have limited uses!
    • Codes can now be deleted!
    • Code generators added! (thanks to beatcomet!)
    Show Spoiler

    /redeem <code> - redeems the specified code
    /code create <code> <rewards(id:damage:amount)> [modifiers] - creates a redeem code that gives the
    player items when used
    Detailed explanation of create (open)

    Create might seem a bit hard, so here's an explanation.
    An example of a code might look like this:
    /code create ExampleCode 10#3 20:2#64 -u 10
    It will create a code which gives 3 of 10, and 64 of 20 that has 2 damage. It can only be used ten times. Simple?

    /code delete <code> - deletes an existing redeem code
    /code generate <rewards(id:damage:amount)> [modifiers]- generates a random redeem code but you still need to put in the items

    Permission Nodes (SuperPerms):
    prizeredemption.create - allows you to create redeem codes
    prizeredemption.delete - allows you to delete redeem codes
    prizeredemption.* - allows all prizeredemption commands
    prizeredemption.generate - allows you to generate redeem codes

    Attention, /code create has been rewritten. Open the command spoiler to see the changes. Old codes also no longer work.


    Thanks to @staniboy for helping out with some bugs and for suggesting some things!

    1.5 - Code rewrite, multiple items, code usage, and an API! :)
    1.4 - Added /code generate (thanks to beatcomet!)
    1.3 - Added /code delete
    More Changelog (open)

    1.2 - Public release
    1.1 -Fixed more glitches, added perms
    1.0 - Fixed some glitches
    0.9 - Glitchy finished product
    0.1 - Initial development

    Update Progress: 70%
    Guaranteed updates:
    Invetory checks(It drops items on the ground, as not making it redeem doesn't work): Done
    Fix /code generate: Done
    Make undetermined amounts to a configurable amount: 10%
    Optional updates:
    Add support for block names(Crashes everytime)

    Todo List:
    Code life time
    Allow totally random code generation
    Allow random reward amounts

    Like this? A donation would be appreciated!
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    Well that's ok, Thanks anyway :D
    (BTW,your PluginManager is awesome..).
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    A nice addition would be deleting codes ^^ (/code delete <name>) - prizeredemption.delete
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    I'll work on it.
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    Hi man :)
    As mentioned above, I did devlope a plugin with some of the functions your plugin is having,
    So if you need any help or anything PM me ;)
    BTW you can check my awesome random code generator:

    code (open)

    2. int maxlength = 8;
    3. final String chars = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789-";
    4. String word = "";
    5. while(word.length() < maxlength){
    6. Random rand = new Random();
    7. int x = rand.nextInt(36 - 1 + 1) +1 ;
    8. word = word + chars.charAt(x);
    9. System.out.println(word.toUpperCase());
    10. }

    just set the maxlength (Integer of course) and if you want you can change the chars String to you liking.
    Good job and again, If you need help contact me ;)
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    Wow, thanks for the generator! I'll be sure to incorporate it in my plugin!
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    If you want I can help you with multiple item support as well
    It's all about config file manipulation
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    Don't worry, I already have it planned. Might take me some time though.
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    Alright, anyways if you need any help PM me :)
    Here is an idea for you :
    per-world codes.

    hint (open)

    You can add a key to each code with the name of the world, and by using the redeem command, make it check the
    in which world the player is.
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    It would be nice if i can see how many people redeemed the code already.
    And Permission 3.* compatibility
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    Awesome Plugin, Really usefull if you could set up a automated service!
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    Awesome plugin! Great job :D
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    Thanks for all your support guys!
    Um, Permissions 3.* is kinda dead, so I will just stick to SuperPerms.
    PermissionsEx is a good replacement for 3.*.
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    Phantom Index

    When will this get multi-item support?
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    I'm looking into it, I have a lot of projects to work on right now.
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    By the way, I tested this last week and I could redeem a code more then once. Just though I would bring it to notice.
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    Did you update it? You may have created a code twice.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    i cannot seem to /code create... the node does not work for me at all... also.. when /code generating... the given <.....> areas where filled but nothing happened when executed. I really want this plugin does anyone else have a 1337 build like this plugin??
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    Upgrade to PEX XD it has some of the same formatting / uses bukkit perms and is supported by most up to date plugins.
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    Look's good :) It is highly recommended however that you create a page on for this plugin because will eventually only show plugins from BukkitDev ;)
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    I am still active, however, I'm not really working on this project as often.

    It's on BukkitDev, just use the search.

    No need to "join forces", when they are perfectly fine.
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    This is pretty legit, I had not thought about something like this, but wow this could come in handy.
    Good work!
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    I just thought that it would be a lot more effective to, instead of writing twice "the same thing" expanding upon one ;)
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    Hm, is there any reason for this awesomeness not to work on latest devBukkit?
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    What does it say? Just saying "It doesn't work" doesn't really help.

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