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    WhoAreYou - /who done properly!!
    [​IMG] Download v0.3 [1337]


    Knowing who is on your server is one of the most important things when you are a server moderator/admin. The basic playerlist most plugins provide lacks information. WhoAreYou can provide you with loads of information about your players with very simple commands.
    Preview (open)




    • Coloured usernames according to Permissions group prefix in /who
    • Find out who is in a certain world with /who <world>
    • Get information about a particular user with /who <player>
    • Configure aliases for your worlds to make it easier for your users
    • Works in console (only basic listing in console)
    • Craftbukkit #740
    • Permissions - without permissions you need to be op to use commands
    Installation (open)

    1. Place WhoAreYou.jar in your plugins/ folder
    2. The plugin will auto create plugins/WhoAreYou/config.yml file when it runs
    3. Set up your permissions using the nodes below

    config.yml (open)

    This is contained in plugins/WhoAreYou/config.yml. The main configuration in this file is world aliases. The server auto-creates this file and adds as many homes as are loaded at the time of server start as possible. You can then add your other worlds to it. World aliases are used when doing something like /home <world> - say you have an undersirable world name like creativeworld4, you can use world aliases to change it to something simple like creative for use in MultiHome commands. When the plugin creates the file it will look something like this:

    aliases: world: world
    msg-online-on-join: true
    You can then customise it and add in your custom worlds like this:
    aliases:     atrium1: atrium     survival1: survival     build4: build     pvp3: pvp     nether1: nether
    msg-online-on-join: true
    msg-online-on-join controls whether a player is messaged the player list when they join the server.

    Usage (open)

    • /who <- Lists all online players
    • /who <world> <- Lists all players on specified world/alias
    • /who <player> <- Lists information about that player
    • You can use /list /online /listplayers /playerlist and /whois as aliases of /who

    Permission Nodes
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • whoareyou.list <- For basic /who
    • whoareyou.player <- For /who <player>
    • whoareyou.player.personal <- Shows IP and location in /who <player>
    • <- For /who <world>

    Version: v0.3 [740]
    • Added whoareyou.player.personal node
    • Fixed suffix bug
    Version: 0.2 [740]
    • Added console support
    • Added group suffix in listings
    Version: 0.1.5 [733]
    • Fixed line colours
    Version: 0.1.4 [733]
    • Added leading line to /whois
    Version: 0.1.3 [733]
    • Fixed partial naming
    Version: 0.1.2 [733]
    • Added partial naming support for /who <player>
    Version: 0.1.1 [733]
    • Added command aliases /list /online /listplayers /playerlist /whois
    Version: 0.1 [733]
    • Plugin released
    Plugin originally created for

    Checked against 733

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    Are you running essentials

    Version v0.1.5 [733]
    • Fixed line colours

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    when i type /who all it says is
    /who [world|player] [world]
    not the actualy output of /who
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    When I try to use the /list command in the console I get this error:

    2011-04-28 12:19:54 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.5_02
    2011-04-28 12:19:54 [INFO] Loading properties
    2011-04-28 12:19:54 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565
    2011-04-28 12:19:55 [WARNING] The server will make no attempt to authenticate usernames. Beware.
    2011-04-28 12:19:55 [WARNING] While this makes the game possible to play without internet access, it also opens up the ability for hackers to connect with any username they choose.
    2011-04-28 12:19:55 [WARNING] To change this, set "online-mode" to "true" in the server.settings file.
    2011-04-28 12:19:55 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-702-g02216c1-b735jnks (MC: 1.5_02)
    2011-04-28 12:19:55 [INFO] Preparing level "BlackOutGaming Minecraft Server"
    2011-04-28 12:19:55 [INFO] Preparing start region
    2011-04-28 12:19:56 [INFO] Preparing spawn area: 28%
    2011-04-28 12:19:57 [INFO] Preparing spawn area: 77%
    2011-04-28 12:19:58 [INFO] Starting Minequery server on *:25566
    2011-04-28 12:19:58 [INFO] [AutoMessage] version [1.5] loaded
    2011-04-28 12:19:58 [INFO] [BBROTHER] ------------------------------------
    2011-04-28 12:19:58 [INFO] [BBROTHER] Hello, and thank you for using the TESTING version of BigBrother!
    2011-04-28 12:19:58 [INFO] [BBROTHER] Please note that, since this is far from complete, there will be many bugs.
    2011-04-28 12:19:58 [INFO] [BBROTHER] Please stay tuned in #bigbrother for updates and build notifications.
    2011-04-28 12:19:58 [INFO] [BBROTHER] ------------------------------------
    2011-04-28 12:20:01 [INFO] [BBROTHER] Building `bbdata` table...
    2011-04-28 12:20:02 [INFO] [BBROTHER] BBData H2 Driver r1 loaded!
    2011-04-28 12:20:03 [INFO] [BBROTHER] Building `bbusers` table...
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [SEVERE] [BBROTHER] A permission plugin isn't loaded, only OPs can use commands
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [WARNING] [BBROTHER] 'Help' isn't detected. No /help support
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] [BBROTHER] BigBrother 1.8-SNAPSHOT enabled
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] BlockCantKeepUpSpam version 0.1 is enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] BlocksOnGlass version 0.22 is enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] ChestLock 0.7 is enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] Disposal Chest STARTED
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] IPGet version 0.4 is enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] [LastLogin] version v1.0 (Snook) successfully enabled and loaded
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] [MessageChanger] Permission system not detected.
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] MessageChanger version 0.21 is enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] MobileAdmin: Starting server...
    2011-04-28 12:20:05 [INFO] MobileAdmin version 2.4.1 is enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] MobileAdmin: Server listening on *:5839
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [MYHOME]: 13 homes loaded
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [WARNING] [MYHOME] A permission plugin isn't loaded.
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [WARNING] [MYHOME] 'Help' isn't detected. No /help support.
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [MYHOME] MyHome 1.9.4b enabled
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] NoTNT V1.2 - Loaded settings successfully.
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] NoTNT V1.2 - Permission system not detected, defaulting to OP
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] NoTNT V1.2 - Done (0.046s)
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] vStopFire version 1.4 is enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [DataLog] No permission handler detected, only ops can use commands
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [DataLog] Version 0.1.4 enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [xAuth] Loading player accounts..
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [xAuth] Done! Loaded 26 Accounts!
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [xAuth] Permissions plugin not detected, defaulting to ops.txt
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] [xAuth] v1.2.3 Enabled!
    2011-04-28 12:20:06 [INFO] Done (1.117s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    2011-04-28 12:20:10 [WARNING] Unexpected exception while parsing console command
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'list' in plugin WhoAreYou v0.1.4
        at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
        at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.b(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.bukkit.craftbukkit.command.ColouredConsoleSender cannot be cast to org.bukkit.entity.Player
        at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
        ... 6 more
    Also, the /who command works fine for me in-game (I'm op), but other players who aren't op say that it isn't working correctly. When they use the command, "/who [world|player] [world]" is returned.

    I'm running build 735 and all my plugins are listed in the code above.
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    Do you use essentials or commandbook. Are you using permissions?

    It doesn't support console commands yet. After looking at how some stuff i'm not sure if it will. 'list' in the console should still work fine.

    If you don't use permissions you have to be op to use commands. I'm planning on changing it so you only have to be op to use /who <player> if you aren't using permissions.
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    Not since /list was aliased (worked in version 1.0). I get that error on /who as well as list & /list in the console. There doesn't seem to be any way to list who is on the server in console while using this plugin.
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    Neither /list nor /who work in the console.

    I'm looking forward to see /who work for everyone though. Saves me from hearing the endless "Who's on!?!?!?".
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    Ok i'll see what i can do guys :)
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    James Lawrence

    Hey, plugin works great for me, it's the easiest plugin just for a player list. all the other ones think they need 1000 extra features along with it :-P

    Now, to the point, I plan on using NPCs (Citizens plugin) I posted this in that thread also, since I wasn't sure who to ask.
    In the testing phase oh putting the plugin into the server, I notice that the NPC names will show up when I check the player list. This only happens with this plugin when I use /who. If I use the bukkit /list command, the NPCs do not show on the list.

    I'd hate to have 20+ names when only 1 of them is an actual player. Know what I means?
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    Hey, nice plugin mate,

    Would be could if you could make it compatible with suffix colors tough, I cant use the plugin since it only takes prefixes colors.

    I'm using permissions. and when i /who it only display the prefix color over the names. People that have suffix colors dont show up.

    Edit: btw im using IChat and Essentials (but i dont think essentials could be a problem, the last update made it compatible with other plugins, it dont overwrite other plugins commands.)
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    I can add suffix colours on too if you like.

    That's interesting! I'm not sure what i can do about that - it seems Citizens is adding them to the bukkit player list. Not sure what i can do about that.

    Also the /list command isn't part of Bukkit, it is part of Minecraft itself and lists the actual Minecraft player list, not the Bukkit player list.
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    James Lawrence

    ah, that might be the difference then? other in the thread have said they don't have the issue using essentials or whatever... do they query the lists differently?
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    Just mentioning, only the latest version of Essentials wont overwrite your other plugins. If you still use 2.1, it will break plugins with similar commands unless you delete them from the plugin.yml

    Would be appreciated.

    I'll be waiting impatiently. :D

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    I'm not sure to be honest. All i'm doing is getting the player lists from each world using the correct bukkit API methods.

    v1.2 incoming

    Version v0.2 [740]
    • Added support for console - currently only allows basic player listing in console
    • Added group suffixes to player listing
    @sawine @gilgatex @BlackOutGaming

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    Nice, but any clue why it display double tags ?

    Using latest Permissions

    info: {prefix: '&7<Guest>', build: false, suffix: '&7'}

    Attached Files:

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    Ah yeah i made a silly mistake. I'll recompile it soon.
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    Could it be possible to prevent some of the groups/users from showing player's IP and Location?
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    I could make a permissions node called something like 'personal' which you need to see IP and location.
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    That would be great!
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    Version v0.3 [740]
    • Added 'whoareyou.player.personal' node - need this to view IP and location of player
    • Fixed suffix bug
    @RiZeCZ @sawine
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    Hey, plugin works great for the most part, and displays the colors correctly, with one exception. When prefix is &3, it'll show up as &3andypandy89 rather than andypandy89.
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    Just tested the whoareyou.player.personal and works great. Thanks!
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    Derp, i missed a colour out of my util class :p
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    I have a feature request: It would be great if you could add compatibility with the Jobs plugin to see what job a player currently has using /whois . I checked with the Jobs creator; they say that anyone can read the database that stores the job titles. I suppose this would need a toggle as well for servers that don't use Jobs.

    I don't know if it would be easier for you, but could you code a way to add in our own headings for the /whois ? Then you wouldn't need to add compatibility for every plugin out there.
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    I'm sorry but I don't really want to have to implement a whole new database interface just for that - it is one hell of a lot of code for one little addon.

    If you use permissions or group manager you could just give people their job names manually in their name prefix option. That should work.
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    Feature suggestion:
    When doing /who, sort the users and list the usergroup-title
    Admins: andypandy89
    Mods: moderator1, moderator2
    Members: member1, member2,
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    That's a nice idea! I'll see what i can do
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    Another feature suggestion:

    Since i have the group names as a prefix too - [ User ] and so on
    When i type /who it's a total mess:

    Not all color codes are interpreted, leaving a mess like [&3User] and so on

    So my request is:
    Can i override the group prefixes from the config of this plugin? Example:
    Instead of using the permissions/groupmanager prefix :) That way the plugin can only colour the usernames, without adding their whole prefix
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    I guess I could try and do that.
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    is there any way to hide players from list?
    with the /vanish plugin the player is still on the /who list
    something like /whohide and /whoshow
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    Not really no. The vanish plugin should find a way to remove players from the playerlist if they want that.

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