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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    So every essentials command work, but not the permission command? Could you post your permissions config?
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    Perfect thanks :D
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    What did I do? I only asked for your permissions config :p
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    T doens't know that i insert "permissions.reload" in the config file...

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    Glad you found it ^^
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    I dont want a recap the change has nothing to do with help , I dunno why help was reverted if it was just /modgrp

    meh it does not really matter to me I never had an issue with this plugin except for the manual edits that everyone one has to now do.

    Help never played up for us in last version modgrp was working for us with out a reset and /pw worked fine with out server restarts. I only follow changes not discussions around the changes.

    If something is not right after an update I will back track then to find any fixes or if anyone has mentioned it and if not only then Ill make a post about it.
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 12:59 PM ---
    I was reffering to this comment

    "- Reverted /help limits by permissions for the time being. (we do not know non-essentials commands permissions)"

    I still have no idea wth is ment by that. I hardly think it will take 3 pages to simply tell me a 1 sentance reason why this was changed or why, I'm not a clue less bastard you know.

    If I had to make a guess if based on the text they removed help filtering commands based on permissions.
  8. @ledhead900 correct, because we do not know the permissions of other commands, it was throwing out errors when it was looking for those commands permissions. Now it unfortunately gives you a list of all commands even if you do not have access to those. I imagine that this will be resolved once bukkit has finally implimented core permissions
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    I think we can all safely assume /help will be completely useless to anyone else but admins (who often has access to all commands) until that happens.
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    ya.. ultimately I think group permissions and a /help command 'need' to be part of the bukkit core. And I'd like to see MySQL as an alternative (choice) to YAML for this stuff. BTW good work so far with Essentials! Any chance of adding a /mute command as well?
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    Don Redhorse


    I have a problem with that, the plugin.yml in the essentials.jar looks like this:

    name: Essentials
    main: org.bukkit.earth2me.essentials.Essentials
    version: 131
      - Zenexer
      - ementalo
      - Eris
      - EggRoll
      - xmlns
    description: Provides basic commands for Bukkit.
    so what now?
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    I have a little problem...

    In my Permissions config file ...

    permissions: []
    group: moderator
    permissions: []
    group: fulladmin
    permissions: []
    group: editor
    permissions: []
    group: editor
    permissions: []
    group: default

    can you fix it?
    all letters small....

    Only the right name with smal and big Letters....

    Sry for my bad english..^^
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    yaml is easier for inexperienced users to access and edit...
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    That's why I put MySQL as a 'choice' - like it was in hMod. YAML is fine as a default but I think having that flexibility to use a database would be nice. I also find it funny that something would be chosen to cater toward inexperienced users when all anyone seems to do around here is flame inexperienced users. Anyway.. off-topic.. this thread is for Essentials plugin.
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    Don Redhorse

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    I had a couple questions:

    How hard would it be to add the ability to change mob spawner types (I wouldn't mind doing this myself if you have no interest in doing it).

    Also, would it hurt anything for me to edit the item database with some of my own custom shorthand names?

    And lastly, how hard would it be to make it so that if you don't specify a user name when using /give that it just gives the item to you?

    Thank you and I really appreciate all the work you guys put into this mod. It is really great.
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    I just got a problem,i know i should use the report a bug link,but i hate java reporter so how can i turn off the motd?
    whenever i change it it gives me the deffault help syntax PLZ HELP IMPORTANT!!!!
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    Cosmic Break

    is it possible to make certain kits available to certain groups?
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    yes but only via permissions.
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    Changing the mob spawner would be awesome! and with the same functionality, you could also change wool color and make wheat grow and shrink. But that would indeed be sweet....

    And I too would like to know about the database, I've thought about changing it several times, but maybe we should just list what we want to append here so that everyone can benefit from our database edits.

    And about your /give problem, you could use /item or /i <item> instead, and it automatically gives you 64 of whatever item. I found this particularly useful and you're always spawning 64 of crap anyway so /i <item> is perfect. If you wanted to give yourself only 1 of an item, you could easily put /i <item> 1 and only one would appear. Even more than 64 works too, play around with it, /give seems to be only for admin to give to players. Never to give yourself, it's too long!

    Time to update for me: thanks for all the work Zenexer!
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    Thanks for the tip about using /i instead, that does exactly what I want so no need to worry about /give!
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    @ementalo @Zenexer I filed a several bug reports about errors with: /ebigtree, /me, /mod, /ban, /help, and some Server Console commands aren't working.

    Can you please update the OP with the correct build number and release log?
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    Ok is there any way you can get this /setspawn to do what Spawncontrol does.

    I dont wanna get SpawnControl just for a /setspawn command when yours has one.. Cause if I get spawn Control it breaks your plugin...

    What im after is a way that I can set the EXACT Spawn location of new players in my server. So they can be put inside a room that has the rules and stuff on it. SpawnControl has this but it also has a buncha of other stuff i dont want. I would just REALLY like if your /setspawn worked for new players joining the server.
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    I second this...
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    I'm having problems with the /kill command it kills me and doesnt except the player name also the /etree and /ebigtree do not list what types i can summon only gives an error:0 also the trees wont spawn when i use the command like /bigtree birch says the tree is summoned but doesnt show up forgot to mention im useing bukkit build 210
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    I've been using /slay, but maybe I get that from another plugin.
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    /time is not working... Just saying.
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    Time wasn't working for me either but I updated yesterday and it works now. I can't really say why.
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    ^^^ important ^^^
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 10:12 PM ---
    ^ is this the latest build or something specific for don? please advise...
  30. Latest, changelog is in the jar
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